English level requirements for Master's applicants

Please note: The following information is only relevant if you are applying for a place on any of the Master's programs in the Wiesbaden Business School or the Master's course in Media & Design Management offered by the Faculty of Design - Computer Science - Media.  These programs require you to prove that your English is at a sufficiently high level to cope with lectures, course work and presentations in English.

Master's programs with English level requirements

Wiesbaden Business School (WBS)

The current English requirements for each of the Wiesbaden Business School's Master programs, as well as the accepted certificates are listed here and on the programs' respective pages. If you have none of the listed standardized exams as documentation, you may register to take the Oxford Online Placement test (OOPT) at the HSRM Language Center (information here).

If you have questions about the certification of your English level which are not answered by the table of accepted certificates/tests you find on the WBS page linked above, please contact Mr. Greg Rampinelli, Head of the "Business in English" program at the Wiesbaden Business School.

Media + Design Management (MDM) at the Design-Computer Science-Media (DCSM) Faculty

The table below lists the accepted standardized examinations for applications to degree programs at our university which have a language prerequisite, including the MA Media and Design Management program (DCSM). The certification of your level must be turned in with your application. If you have none of the listed standardized exams as documentation, you may register to take the Oxford Online Placement test (OOPT) once at the HSRM Language Center (information here).

Table (in German) of accepted standardized certificates/tests(27.05.19/sz)
Table (in English) of accepted standardized certificates/tests(27.05.19/sz)

There are several ways to provide proof of your proficiency in English:

1. You can pass an internationally recognised English exam and submit a copy of the certificate with your application.

  • Wiesbaden Business School Master's applicants will find information here.
  • Media & Design Management applicants should download the table (in German or English) of certificates/tests linked in the section above.

2. Applicants for the MA Media + Design Management degree program may submit documentation (transcript + official course description/grade record sheet) of their successful completion (minimum final grade: 2) of an English course taught at a university at CEFR-level B2.

3. You can take a computer-based English test in the university's Language Center (at the Kurt-Schumacher-Ring campus) and obtain the required point score for the degree program in which you wish to enroll (further information and registration here: Computer-based English test). Please note: This test is a service offered only to HSRM Master applicants - there is a €10 fee per test taken. We do not test people applying to other universities!

Please note that the Language Center is NOT in any way involved in the selection process for any of the degree programs; we are responsible ONLY for administering the Oxford test according to the various program requirements, and we cannot provide any information or advice regarding the application procedure or acceptance decisions.