Computer-based English test at the Hochschule RheinMain Language Center

If you are...

  • applying for a Master's course at the Wiesbaden Business School
  • applying for the Media + Design Management (MDM) Master's program at the Design - Computer Science - Media Faculty (MDM test sessions in summer semester only )
  • a Hochschule RheinMain student applying for a semester abroad

...and need to do the computer-based test to prove your proficiency in English at B2 or C1 level (because you don't have any other accepted certification of your level), you must register online on this website for the Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT). This computer-based test takes approx. 1 hour to complete; Master's applicants will be charged a fee of €10 per test taken.


(10.01.20) OOPT testing for semester abroad and Master's applicants for Summer Semester 2020 will begin in December, 2019, and be offered on the following Wednesdays. HSRM students applying for a semester abroad, who have no other way of demonstrating their English level (e.g. course grade in English or other accepted certificate), should also sign up below.

December 11
January 8 + 15 + 22 + 29 (NEW: additional time slot now on Jan. 22)
NEW: February 5 + 12 + 19
NEW: March 11

Testing takes place at the HSRM Language Center, Kurt-Schumacher-Ring campus in Wiesbaden, Building C in the computer room/C1.08 on the ground floor. Please bring a photo ID with you (e.g. driver's license, passport, etc.) to the test.

We ask that you sign up for only 1 test date; should a second test date be necessary (for WBS Master's applicants only!; M+DM applicants and semester abroad applicants may take the test only once) after your first attempt, please contact the Language Center. HSRM students applying for a semester abroad may take the test once per semester. To register online for a test, please click on the following link:

Test registration

To check that your registration has been successful, click on this link (you will NOT receive a confirmation message from the Language Center!):

Registration lists

If you need to cancel your test registration, please send an e-mail to the Language Center.

You will receive your result (out of 120 possible points) immediately after the test. If you have obtained the required point score for the master's course or semester abroad program you wish to apply for, you will also receive written confirmation of your result which you can submit with your application. It will be issued only once, so if a copy is needed for your files, please take care of this before you submit your application; the Language Center cannot supply duplicates later!

Required point scores in the computer-based test for Master's applicants

Wiesbaden Business School
Information on the required score for each of the Wiesbaden Business School's (WBS) Master's programs which require a specific English level are listed here and on the programs' respective pages. WBS applicants may repeat the test, if desired. Language level documentation may be turned in either with the application or at enrollment.

Faculty of Design - Computer Science - Media
You must obtain at least 60 points (CEFR level B2) in the test in order to be accepted on the Master's course in Media + Design Management (MDM). The certification of your level must be turned in with your application. MDM applicants may only take the test ONCE; results must be submitted with the application and are not accepted after the deadline or deadline extension date.

Form and content of the computer-based test

The test is divided into two parts: Use of English and Listening.

Use of English: This part tests your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary, for example, how well you know tenses, or which word would be correct in a sentence. It also tests how well you understand what someone means when they are talking to you. There are about 30 questions in this section.

Listening: This part tests (literal & implicit) meaning in language. There are about 15 questions in this section.

You will be given 70 minutes to answer about 45 questions, but you may not need so long. The test is adaptive - in other words, the computer program decides which questions to ask you, depending on how well you are doing. If you answer several questions correctly, you will then be given more difficult ones; conversely, you will get easier questions if you don’t answer the previous questions correctly. By constantly matching questions from its databank to your ability to answer them correctly, the test can, therefore, accurately assess your level of English.

For examples of the kind of questions you will receive, please click on the following link: (>>> Oxford Online Placement Test >>>Teenagers & Adults >>> "learn more" >>> scroll down, click on "see sample questions").

Further information for Master's applicants

If you need additional information which you could not find on this page, or on the Media + Design Management page, or on this page of the Wiesbaden Business School (Greg Rampinelli is the Head of Business in English at the Wiesbaden Business School), you can contact the university's Studienbüro and the staff members in Wiesbaden will try to help you (tel. +49 611 9495-1560).