Our coaching sessions are tailor-made to your needs. We offer individualised support in a one-to-one format on a wide range of topics: preparing and teaching your courses in English, language skills for interacting with students, fluency in English, writing style, etc.

The process: 

Book an appointment and we can decide together how often we will meet and for how many sessions. A session typically lasts for 45 minutes and, depending on availability, a maximum of 8 sessions can be booked. 



If you have English teaching notes or slides for your courses, you can make an appointment for us to look at them with you. We’ll look at your materials together and discuss changes and/or make suggestions. Although we may not be able to look at all of your materials in the time we have, we can still make suggestions for effective changes. Interactive proofreading appointments are 30 or 60 minutes long. If you would like more in-depth, interactive support, please contact us for coaching.


The process: 

Contact us, tell us what your needs are and arrange an appointment. After the interactive proofreading appointment, you have the chance to make the necessary changes to the rest of your text. If you would like us to check a different section of the same text or any other texts, feel free to make another appointment. 


If you need extensive proofreading or work translated into English, please write an email to the coordinator for translation services, who can support you with finding the right translator or proofreader for your needs: translation(at)remove-this.hs-rm.de.

Website: Servicestelle für Übersetzung - Hochschule RheinMain Intern (hs-rm.de)



We know that it's not easy to be observed when you teach a class, especially if you have to teach in a second or third language! However, we are not here to criticize or judge. Our main objective is to be your eyes and ears in the classroom and to make constructive suggestions so that teaching in English can be even more effective.  

The process: 

Please contact us to arrange a meeting so we can discuss your specific situation and needs.  After the observation, a follow-up meeting should be organised as soon as possible. Depending on the outcome of the meeting, it is also possible to request a second observation, to book some coaching sessions or to sign up for a workshop.


We are currently offering 3-hour workshops open to all academic staff at HSRM. If you would like to have an exclusive 'workshop-on-demand' for members of your faculty, please contact us to discuss this option. 

Please click here for details for our upcoming workshops.