Would you like support while working, researching and teaching in English?
The English for staff team can help you to develop strategies for working more effectively in English, particularly when communicating with non-native speakers of English. The different formats for teaching staff, researchers and admin staff in the faculties or in administration are designed so that everyone can find the most effective way to develop their English communication skills.

As part of the project Global Design & Media CoSpace, we offer individualized language support services to admin staff.

What we offer

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We can help you to:

  • feel more comfortable when using English
  • start using English to speak to international students and staff
  • be ready to welcome our international students, staff and visitors

As part of the projects QUIS-DiVine and Global Design & Media CoSpace, we offer individualized language support services to teaching staff and researchers.

What we offer

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Why do we offer English for academic staff?

  • To help you prepare and practice for teaching in English.
  • To work with you to find effective approaches and techniques for teaching non-native English-speaking students.
  • To support you with adapting your course content and teaching materials to acommodate non-native English-speaking students.

QUICK TIPS  (online)

English and German Punctuation - the similarities and the differences and when they matter

Do you know the German punctuation rules but are unsure about how they work in English? This Quick Tips session compares English and German punctuation marks and gets you thinking about which punctuation elements you really want to use correctly (and which are less important for you). The 30-minute session includes pointers towards helpful resources.

Coach: Shirley Roth

When:  13th March  at 1pm (30 minutes)

Where: https://hs-rm.zoom-x.de/my/shirley.roth


WORKSHOP (online)

Advance Your English – Improve your listening

Would you like to understand spoken English more easily? Do you experience misunderstandings when answering telephone enquiries from international students or when supporting visiting lecturers?  Are some people more difficult for you to understand because of their accent, speed, or language level?

The “Improve your listening” workshop will give you the opportunity to practise with a range of listening materials so that you become more able to understand spoken English in your daily work.  You will learn conversational strategies to slow down fast speakers and clarify misunderstandings.

The workshop will take place at two different levels.  The first workshop is for participants at levels A2 / B1.  The second workshop is for participants at levels B2 / C1.


Coach: Shirley Roth

When: A2-B1:  Friday, 12.04.2024, 9:00 – 12:30 

When: B2-C1: Friday, 26.04.2024, 9:00 – 12:30 

Where: https://hs-rm.zoom-x.de/my/shirley.roth

Registration:  via iwib

Feel free to write us an email: englishforstaff(at)hs-rm.de

The English for Staff Team:

Dr. Charla Schutte
Louise Klein M.A.
Dr. Shirley Roth

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