26 July -  30 July 2021


Dr. Sabine Müller
Gudrun Bolduan
Jens Augspurger
Paulina Weber


3 CP

Requirements to receive credit:
  • attendance at 100 % of the sessions
  • reflection paper (5 pages)
Discover and develop your personal leadership qualities

Why participate?

The world is changing rapidly. Today, more than ever, it calls for authenticity, transparency and leading from the heart.

True qualities of leadership cannot be learned from a book and they do not only concern people in management positions. Leadership concerns all of us.

To "lead" your life successfully, you need to think, speak and act in coherence with who you are. True leadership challenges us to be authentic at all times. It takes courage and practice: The courage to abandon social masks and the constant exercise to be authentic no matter what.

The objective of the international week is to learn how to lead yourself and others in a most holistic way – using body, mind and heart – and helping others to achieve their greatest possible potential. A potential that can be measured in personal wellbeing, and that will thus naturally result into professional success.

What and how?

The international week unites students from different universities world wide and offers the possibility to develop your personal leadership qualities.

You may not only expect a traditional teaching of leadership theories or concepts, but also a very personal approach to better understanding your unique leadership potential. To lead others, you need to be able to lead yourself – to know your strengths and embrace your weaknesses.

You will for example learn how to understand and deal with emotions in a constructive way. Emotions contain important information. It’s a powerful language to understand yourself and others.

The programme is strongly personal development oriented and requires you to be open minded and ready to work on yourself.