Prepare und Reflect – MCP


Online session: 9th of April 24, 9.30-13.30 o’clock
Prepare days: 19th of April: 16:00-20:00 o’clock, 20th of April: 9:30-16:00 online
Exchange meetings: May 15th, 17:00-19:00 o’clock, June 18th, 16-18 o’clock online
Asynchronous meetings: anytime during the period of the class
Reflection meeting: August 5th, 9-12 o’clock (online)

Please also note: dates may change if we find out they do not work for everyone since you come from different departments and lecture times may vary.






Registration directly to nadine.scholz(at)


Nadine Scholz, Yasmin Hedjri


Are you about to start your semester abroad (at HSRM or Outgoing from HSRM)? In this course, you will reflect on your personal intercultural experience and growth during your stay abroad. We will look at theories about culture, intercultural communication, theories on how cultural values affect your thinking, intercultural conflicts, and possible coping strategies. Also, your personal set of (multicultural) values and how it forms you as a person are part of this class.
In an interactive portfolio, which you will create during your stay abroad, you will reflect your personal development during your stay. Parts of the portfolio are: personal intercultural rubrics on intercultural competence before and after your stay, reflection phases, your own model on culture and reflections on your encounters during your stay abroad. The goal is to enhance your personal study abroad on a meta cognitive level and thus get the most out of your experience in another country.
Since working together with people from other countries, be it remote or on site, will very likely be part of your future working life, this course will enhance your future skill sets. Intercultural communication, critical thinking, and the ability to reflect in a constructive way are particularly worked on in this hand-on class.

For the completion of the course, you can earn 3 ECTS- Credits. Please put them on your Learning Agreement. Questions by faculty can be directed to me directly.

Detailed description:

Prepare days
In this interactive seminar, we will discuss how to act and communicate in an intercultural
sensitive way. You get the chance to reflect on your own values and cultural identity.
This course is together with other international students during their semester abroad. Let’s compare our experience – are they similar, different, what is new?

Asynchronous forum
During your stay, you will need to answer two rounds of reflection questions about your
intercultural experience in our online learning platform Stud.IP.

Exchange meetings
You will have the possibility to exchange your abroad experience during the semester with other students in the same situation. We will be able to tackle questions you have together and reflect on “cultural shock” and “cultural honeymoon” phases. We will also look at some theoretical aspects on culture.

Reflection Day (online)
You will reflect your whole study abroad experience and share with others.

The following parts are requested for your portfolio which you will be able to extract as a complete PDF file afterwards:

  • Motivational letter for your stay abroad
  • Reflections of the preparation days
  • Reflections of the asynchronous forums about personal encounters abroad
  • Intercultural competence self-check
  • Cultural model
  • Final task
  • Optional: pictures, further artefacts you would like to include that influenced you during your stay abroad

Creation of an “Abroad portfolio” during class including the final assessment which is either a video or paper on an intercultural topic. More details will be given in class.

How to register:
Please write an email to nadine.scholz. This seminar is only
for 12 participants, make sure to register as soon as you decide to take this course.

What you need to do to earn ECTS credits:

Mandatory participation in all

  • Prepare Days
  • Reflection Day
  • Exchange Meetings

Completion of

  • asynchronous forums (to put in the portfolio)
  • final task: Video or paper on an intercultural topic
  • Portfolio (which you will fill in along the way during your stay with tasks from the class)

Student voices from last round:
“What I liked about the Prepare & Reflect course is that it gets you excited for the semester
abroad in a playful way. Set in a safe environment, it also makes you aware of the emotional
rollercoaster that one might experience and helps you reflect on the whole experience. I also
really enjoyed getting together with other students on a regular basis and hearing about their

“I really like the idea of sharing your circumstances and surroundings with other people,
especially when they're on the other side of the planet. Also, it's nice to have someone to talk
to. Sometimes, it just needs someone to listen.”

For questions, please feel free to write to the Competence & Career Center: ccc(at) or nadine.scholz(at)