Xiaoyan Zhuang und Yixiu Zhang waren für ein Semester am Fachbereich Design Informatik Medien und studieren in ihrer Heimat China an der Fuzhou University.

Xiaoyan Zhuang

"It's really very nice here. I like everything very much! I learned a lot here in acadamically but I also know more about the world now, because of the travelling. The biggest difference between the two universities is that the relationship between professor and students is different. In Germany the professors are warmer and more considerate. Due to the exchange experience I changed my future plan, so I decided to continue my studies and I will try to become a professor in the future. 

Yixiu Zhang

I was studying at Hochschule RheinMain for four month and now I am already back in China. I'm pursueing my master degree at Fuzhou University which is located in the capital city of Fujian Province.

There are some differences between the two universities. Firstly, the environment at Hochschule RheinMain is more beautiful, clean and quiet, The trees outside the office are unimaginable at Chinese Universities. Secondly, in Hochschule RheinMain the equipments in the offices and classroooms are superior, colleagues and professors are so friendly and thoughtful. There is less distance between students and teachers.

"I am very grateful for the experience"

I have took part in an activity  organized by Hochschule RheinMain, we went to the Maintower in Frankfurt and went to a pub to drink some special tasty apple wine. We talked and shared experiences to each other, so it was a really wonderful night. Generally, I had a wonderful experience in German, everything was fine and I will always feel greatful for everything of the experience. I touched another perspective of civilization, broadened my horizon. This is precious wealth of my life. If I had the chance, I'd be happy to go back to Germany.