My experience here has been amazing so far! I never want it to end. I am studying Business Administration at the Wiesbaden Business School. I just finished my first semester and am looking forward to the start of the summer semester. 

I am originally from Bermuda, but I study at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. There are so many differences between studying in Canada and Germany. Firstly, I do not speak the same language as everyone else so it is a little difficult to meet people at first. But I have made some amazing friends during my time here, both exchange and German students. Also, classes are quite different. At the end of a lecture, German students knock on the desk instead of clapping and I was so confused at first but it becomes second nature after a while.

Travelling on weekends

Another difference is that in Germany exams are worth either 90% or 100% of your grade, whereas in Canada your final grade consists of midterms, assignments, quizzes and the exam. Your final exam is normally worth 40% of your grade. I find in Germany that I am not as stressed out during the semester because you can just focus on the exams. One benefit of studying in Germany is the ability to travel on weekends, which I took full advantage of. In Canada, you do not really have the ability to travel anywhere during the semester.  

The Auslandstutoren have had so many great events this past semester. Some of the most memorable ones were going to the opera, bowling and ice skating. Also, our first activity was at the Cuban Bar where we got to meet other exchange students and also our buddies. And at the end of the semester, we had a goodbye party which was really nice. 

Also, the staff at the Wiesbaden Business School are really amazing. The executive director of enrollment at Acadia, came to visit the Wiesbaden Business School campus and thanks to the ladies in the International Office I got to meet him and share my experience with him. Everyone at the WBS, staff and teachers, are always willing to go out of their way to help everyone, especially the exchange students.