Summer School 2023

HSRM Summer School 2023 

Computer Engineering for

Wireless Communications and IoT



  • Software Defined Radio Programming
  • Signal Processing / Detection and Matlab Simulation
  • IoT Wireless Systems and Networking Technologies
  • Future Wireless: LoRA, Bluetooth-LE, Low-Power WLAN
  • Machine Learning for Communications and IoT
  • Chipless RFID Systems: Future Bar Code

Workshop Early Bird Registration FEES

684 €    

  • Accommodation for 13 Nights in Hotel 3-Bed Rooms
  • Daily Coffee Break + Daily Lunch in Campus
  • Three Industrial Excursions [European Satellite Agency + German Airport Control Station + Opel Factory]
  • Mandy and Grill + Open Buffet Fish Goodbye Dinner


Registration Deadline:

  • Early Bird Registration:     01.06.2023 (684€)
  • Late Registration:              15.062023 (784€)


Non-Technical Seminar: (Optional)
Studying & Living in Germany

German Course: (Optional)
Intensive German Course = 24 TU
Three Times per Week (4 TU): 16:00-19:15


For more Information and Registration contact:

Carola Hünerfeld
Sekretariat KIS-E & Dekanat

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mohamed El Hadidy
Internationalisierungsbeauftragter IET
Department:        IoT and Digital Communication Technology