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Aggregated Quality Assurance for Systems


Design Informatik Medien


Prof. Dr. Robert Kaiser


Insgesamt 23 Projektpartner aus 7 EU-Staaten; Federführend: Thales Alenia Space in Spain, S.A.




Finanzierende Institution oder Auftraggeber

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Europäische Union


AQUAS („Aggregated Quality Assurance for Systems“)

AQUAS Objectives: To aid the technological progress required to provide solutions capable of meeting the challenges of the ever increasing complexity of the systems we engineer in modern society, which includes facing the convergence between embedded world and open world. This complexity creates increasing difficulties, particularly for safety critical systems such as the transportation, space, medical and industrial control domains. Meeting the continuously growing requirements on security and performance, while maintaining safety, requires a coordinated engineering approach. Such a coordinated engineering approach, making available leading edge design for Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) technologies, will increase the competitiveness of key European industrial domains. HSRM Contribution: assessment of the SPARK technology as a viable solution to design and develop software down to the kernel level and to derive correctness proof along the way using SPARK’s intrinsic toolset for automated or semi automated proving.

Faculty supervision: Prof. Dr. Robert Kaiser