Networked Systems for IoT


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mohamed El Hadidy

Kompetenzen/Lernziele der LV

Die Lehrveranstaltung trägt zu den Lernergebnissen des Moduls mit der Erarbeitung der angegebenen Themen/Inhalte bei.

Themen/Inhalte der LV

• Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things paradigm
• Selected example applications
• From intelligent objects to networked and distributed systems
• Basic architectures: e.g. client-cerver, peer-to-peer
• Communication models: e.g. request/response, publish/subscribe, message Queues 
• Protocols and standards: e.g. message-oriented Middleware, machine-to-machine communication, Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), Constrained Application Protocol(CoAP), 6LoWPAN (IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Network), IEEE 802.15.4/Zigbee, IEEE 802.1 1/WLAN, IEEE 802.15.1/Bluetooth LE, Z-Wave


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