What is Global Design & Media CoSpace?

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) are supporting the internationalization of universities of applied sciences with 21 million euros as part of the HAW.International program. The central goals are to further strengthen the global competitiveness of this type of university through international cooperation in close collaboration with business and industry, and to prepare students for the international job market.  31 model projects were selected, including that of RheinMain University. During the project Global Design & Media CoSpace the degree programs Media: Conception & Production and Creative Media Conception  will be made more international. RheinMain University has received maximum funding and will coordinate all project partners.

What does Global Design & Media CoSpace aim to achieve?

Universities from Germany, Norway, Austria, Thailand and the USA are planning joint courses, joint projects and seeking to increase mobility.  This will include double degree programs and the development of inter-university courses in languages and intercultural communication.
Within the next four years, an even closer cooperation with the selected partner universities will be established in the context of two existing RheinMain University programs: Media: Conception & Production B.A. and Creative Media Conception M.A.

The four partner universities are: 

The project started in January 2021. So far, we have begun to implement the following: