Faculty of Engineering

HSRM offers over 70 degree programs at five faculties:

All degree programs

Research and development play an increasingly important role at the Faculty of Engineering and, as a result, also influence our teaching. Consequently, our range of courses is constantly being revised and adapted to new requirements, which means that our teaching content is always up to date.

Our research activities cover a wide range of areas: some of them have been ongoing for a while, others are new and are being developed as a result of changing requirements in industry and society. Our research is application-oriented, often conducted within larger research networks, cross-linked, interdisciplinary and spans various locations. Exploring life’s big questions is easier when you work as a team! For more information on our research topics, see the overview in the section “Focal Areas” - happy browsing!

The Faculty of Engineering is equipped with about 50 laboratories and since we are interested in cooperation with international researchers we aim to give more and more insight in our work.

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Laboratory for audio technology

Blockheizkraftwerk-Labor (Cogeneration-Lab)

Labor für Digitale Bildbearbeitung

Digitales Kino

Labor für Computer Aided Engineering

Labor für Elektrische Messtechnik

Labor für Elektroenergiesysteme

Elektromaschinen- und Antriebstechniklabor

Labor für Fernsehmesstechnik

Labor für Grundlagen der Nachrichten- und Fernsehtechnik

Labor für Hochfrequenztechnik und EMV

Labor für Hochspannungstechnik

Labor für Informationstechnik (IT)

Lehrstudio Medienproduktion

Labor für Leistungselektronik

Labor für Mikrocomputertechnik

Labor für Mobile AV-Anwendungen (M-Lab)

Netzwerklabor (N-Lab)

PC-Cluster / Multimedia Anwendungen


Mechanical Engineering


Labor für Fahrmechanik und Fahrzeugtechnik

Labor für Kunststofftechnik

Labor für Schweißtechnik

Labor für Robotertechnik

Labor für Werkzeugmaschinen

CIM-Verbundlabor (CVL)

Labor für Fahrwerktechnik

Labor für Mess-und Sensortechnik

Labor für Produktionstechnik

Labor für Verbrennungsmotoren

Labor für Werkstoff- und Bauteilprüfung


Labor für Spektroskopie und Elektronenmikroskopie

Labor für Technische Mechanik

Labor für Medizinische Messtechnik und Signalverarbeitung

Labor für Vakuumtechnik


Medical Device Technology Laboratory

Labor für Technische Akustik

Labor für Technische Optik

Labor für Kerntechnik

Labor für Mikrostrukturierung

Environmental Technologies and Services

Labor für Automatisierungstechnik


Laboratory for measurement data logging and networks

Microcontroller laboratory

Laboratory for ecotoxicology

PC-Labor 1 + 2

Labor für Steuerungstechnik

Laboratory for environmental analysis

Laboratory for environmental information systems

Laboratory for process engineering

About 20 doctoral students are currently conducting research and teaching at our faculty; some are also pursuing their doctorates at external research institutes. At the moment, supervision is mainly provided in collaboration between our supervising colleagues and cooperating universities. However, the state of Hesse allows its Universities of Applied Sciences to apply for their own right to award doctorates if certain conditions are fulfilled. RheinMain University of Applied Sciences already has three doctoral research centers and a fourth one for engineering is under development.

Current Doctorates

An overview of selected dotorate programs within the Factulty of Engineering can be found here.