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Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering

HSRM offers over 70 degree programs at five faculties:

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The Faculty of Architecture & Civil Engineering deals with instruments and processes of planning, construction and management in teaching, research and knowledge transfer. The faculty currently offers eleven degree programmes:

Architectural Heritage Conservation (B.Sc.)
Architectural Heritage Conservation (M.Sc.)
Architecture (B.Sc.)
Architecture | Building Revitalization and Transformation (M.Sc.)
Civil Engineering (B.Eng.)
Construction Engineering/Construction Management (M.Eng.)
Environmental Management and Urban Planning in Metropolitan Areas - UMSB (M.Eng.)
Mobility Management (B.Eng.)
Real Estate (M.Sc.)
Real Estate Management (B.Eng.)
Sustainable Mobility (M. Eng.)

The degree programmes are attended by around 2,500 students, who are supervised by more than 40 professors, additional lecturers and technical and scientific staff. A wide range of laboratories support practice-oriented teaching and enable the realisation of research projects at a high level. Through teaching and research projects and the professional activities of graduates, the Faculty of Architecture & Civil Engineering contributes to the development of architecture, civil engineering, the property industry and the transport sector and has an impact on practice, the Rhine-Main region and beyond.

In April 2022, UNESCO and RheinMain University of Applied Sciences established the UNESCO Chair on Historic Urban Landscapes and Heritage Impact Assessments. Chairholder is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Kloos.



Watch our film for an insight into our laboratories and workshops..

The following laboratories and workshops belong to our field of expertise:

  • Building Acoustics Laboratory
  • Building Research Laboratory
  • Timber Construction Laboratory
  • Geotechnics Laboratory
  • Solid Construction Laboratory
  • Mobility Laboratory
  • Modelling workshop
  • Laboratory for Urban Water Management
  • Laboratory for Stair Construction
  • Surveying Laboratory
  • Laboratory for Hydraulic Engineering

The Materials Testing Institute for Construction (Materialprüfanstalt für Bauwesen Wiesbaden, MPA Wiesbaden for short) is a "commercial enterprise" of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. As a service provider for companies, authorities and private individuals, the MPA Wiesbaden is active in the testing, monitoring and certification of solid and timber construction materials.
The MPA has a high-performance IT system and, above all, a laboratory environment of over 1000 m2 with state-of-the-art equipment and testing machines at its disposal. The MPA Wiesbaden is the only MPA located at a university of applied sciences in Germany that is organised as a regular member of the Association of Materials Testing Institutes together with the MPAs, most of which are at universities.
Further information on the MPA Wiesbaden can be found on its external website www.mpa-wiesbaden.de (German language only).

We offer our students various services such as

  • Modelling workshop
  • photo workshop
  • PC pools
  • Plotting service
  • Styrocutter loan
  • Studios | Department of Architecture