Study organization

HSRM offers over 70 degree programs at five faculties:

All degree programs

Application forms

See the German pages for various application forms (disenrollment, auditors, change of personal details, part-time study etc.)

AStA (student union)

AStA represents students and is the students' executive organ.

More about AStA (in German only)

Students may request a leave of absence from their studies. Information on how to apply for a leave of absence can be found here (in German):

Information for applying for leave of absence (PDF 227 KB).

For further information on leaves of absence please contact the Admissions Office.

Disenrollment is the discontinuation of being a student at the university.

Disenrollment takes place when students graduate with a diploma, bachelor's or master's degree. Please note the information about filing for your final examination (PDF, in German only).

If you are planning to leave the university while still studying, for example if you want to continue studying at a different university or do not want to continue studying, you can request yor disenrollment. Please note the deadlines for Reimbursement of semester­ fee (PDF, in German only).

You disenroll via your student account in COMPASS.

Menu => My studies => Service => Applications => Exmatriculation

Alternatively: Menu => My studies => Student services => Exmatriculation

You will be disenrolled by the university (according to § 59 of the Hesse Higher Education Act) if:

  • you were enrolled because of a faulty admission notification and if the admission has been annulled,
  • you have failed to re-register before the upcoming semester,
  • you have failed to submit proof of having paid the term fees on re-registration,
  • you have failed to pay your health insurance premium,
  • you have not passed a last retake of a pre-examination, intermediate examination or final examination, or
  • if you failed to gain any of the course component completion certificates as specified in the relevant degree program and examination regulations within a period of four semesters. Students will be given the right to a fair hearing.

Withdrawal/cancellation of enrollment before starting to study

Enrollment cancellations may be made by 15.04. for a summer semester and 15.10. for a winter semester. Please contact the Admissions Office for further details.

The online services for students can be found on the website of our IT and Media Center.

The following services are available:


QIS (examination portal)

HS intranet

Webmail for students

Questions concerning the organization of examinations (how to register, cancel participation, doctor's certificates, attending classes etc.) can be answered in your department/faculty, or in the secretariat of your degree program. Please contact the relevant person of your degree program.

For questions related to recognizing graded course components from other degree programs, please contact the study program advisers directly, or your degree program's Examination Board.

If you have any questions you can contact us. Wiesbaden Business School students should contact the Wiesbaden Business School Examination Office directly.

All students are required to pay the semester fee each semester.

The fee for the wintersemester 2024/25 amounts to EUR 325,52 €.

Breakdown of costs - semester fee

Student representative body fee

EUR 14.00

Student union fee

EUR 81.00

Deutschlandticket for students*

176,40 Euro


EUR 2.92

Personal liability insurance

EUR 0.50

Administrative fee

EUR 50.00

Legal advice

EUR 0,20

Cultural ticket

EUR 0,50 €


EUR 325.52

*Further information can be found here

Students who are already enrolled must transfer the fee by: Re-registration deadline August 16, 2024.

See information at "Re-registration" or on the German pages.

The semester fee should be transferred to the following bank account:

Recipient: Hochschule RheinMain
IBAN: DE59500500000001007640
Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen

To ensure your semester fee is assigned correctly, please state your enrollment number in the purpose of transfer space!

Information for transfers from abroad:
SWIFT-Code: HELA DE FF XXX, IBAN: DE59 5005 0000 0001 0076 40

Please contact the Admissions Office with any queries.

Find the dates of your examination periods on your faculty website.



Application deadline for admission (closing date)

15 July 2023

Re-registration deadline

18 August 2023

Application deadline for leave of absence (semester off)

18 August 2023

Application deadline for part-time studies

16 October 2023

Application deadline for auditors

15 November 2023

Future and past academic years

General information

The student identity card at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is a chip card with the following functions:

  • Student ID with photograph
  • AStA Semester Ticket (public transportation ticket until 31/03/2024)*
  • Electronic payment card for the dining halls, cafeterias etc.
  • Library identity card

The chip card works with a hidden, non-contact chip. The non-contact reading and writing of data from the chip allows payments to be made very quickly, which is particularly useful in the dining halls.

*Further information can be found here

Cost of living

The potential cost of living plays an important role when deciding whether to enrol in a degree program. The information provided on the Studentenwerk website can help you estimate the costs:

Financing your studies

Semester fee

All students are required to pay the semester fee each semester.

Info about semester fee


For further information on financing your studies, loans, part-time jobs and scholarships please see the German pages.

The International Office at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences answers queries related to studying and internships abroad. They also provide information about financial support and scholarships for studying and working overseas.

International Office

Applicants and students may be officially enrolled in full-time degree programs on a part-time basis.

Information on applying for part-time study in a full-time degree program (227 KB)


Admissions Office

Dorms/halls of residence are available for students at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in:

Wiesbaden (in German only)

Rüsselsheim (in German only)


Further addresses:

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences AStA housing information (in German only)

Wiesbaden Youth Hostel (temporary accommodation in Wiesbaden)

Darmstadt Youth Hostel (temporary accommodation for studying in Rüsselsheim)

See the local press for further options.