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HSRM offers over 70 degree programs at five faculties:

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Photo Prof. Dr. Till DannewaldDean
Prof. Dr.
Till Dannewald
Photo Prof. Dr. Marina GrusevajaAssociate Dean
Prof. Dr.
Marina Grusevaja
Photo Prof. Dr. Rainer HartmannDean for Academic Affairs
Prof. Dr.
Rainer Hartmann
Photo Susanne BeckAdministration
Susanne Beck
Photo Dr. Alessandra MatroneResearch & Inter­nationalization
Dr. Alessandra Matrone
Photo Katrin HannigAcademic Affairs
Katrin Emmel
Photo n.n.Marketing & Public Relations
Saskia Nothofer
  Photo Sarina EblingStudy Success,
Project iLEARN

Sarina Ebling
Faculty Administration
Photo Wiebke KentratSecretary
Wiebke Kentrat
Photo Tamara PlasaSecretary
Tamara Plasa
Postal Address
Wiesbaden Business School
Hochschule RheinMain
Postfach 3251
65022 Wiesbaden
Room II-10
Bleichstraße 44
65183 Wiesbaden
Contact Details
Phone +49 611 9495-3104
Fax +49 611 9495-3102
Office hours: by appointment
Function Deliberates matters of central importance to the faculty
Term 2 years, students 1 year
Meetings scheduled for Apr 30, Jun 18, Jul 16, Oct 29 and Dec 10, 2024
Chairman 'ex officio' the Dean, i.e. Prof. Dr. Till Dannewald
Group of Professors
Eckert, Jochen
Elsner, Mark
Herrmann, Sebastian
Neusius, Thomas
Read, Oliver
Sarnecki, Abiola
Schaefer, Stefan
with advisory vote:
Dannewald, Till (Dean)
Grusevaja, Martina (Associate Dean)
Hartmann, Rainer (Dean for Academic Affairs)
Group of Students
Faßdorf, Chiara (BIM)
Gerhards, Noah (BIM)
Harms, Svenja (MSM)
Schilling, Carina (BIM)
Staff Group "Administrative-technical"
Beetz, Kai-Uwe
Staff Group "Academic"
Graessel, Robin
with advisory vote:
Knauss, Jessica (Representative)

Fachschaftsrat der Wiesbaden Business School (Student Council)

Once a year all students elect the Student Council - their representation of interests. The Student Council is the contact point for all students facing problems and ambiguities during their studies. They also organize partys and serve as a guide and the "link" between students and professors.

Postal address: Postfach 3251, 65022 Wiesbaden, Germany
Address for visitors: Bleichstraße 44, 65183 Wiesbaden, Germany
Office: room E-03, Eugen-Schmalenbach-Haus
Phone: +49 611 9495-3136
E-mail: fachschaftsrat-wbs(at)
Office hours: daily 1:15 - 2:15 p.m. (during the teaching period)
Announcements & Links:  Fachschaftsrat WBS on Facebook

Members (term Apr. 2024 to Mar. 2025)

Ayten, Idris (BIM)
Calafato, Aurora (BBL)
Ebert, Ben (BIB)
Faßdorf, Chiara (BIM)
Gerhards, Noah (BIM)
Glag, Timo (BGÖ)
Herrera Gomez, Fernando (BIM)
Herz, Matilda (BIM)
Hübgen, Cécile (BIM)
Junker, Nicolas (BDBM)
Kusturica, Ula (BIM)
Schöne, Helene (BGÖ)
Seus, Janina (BIM)
Vorhoff, Mara (BBA)
Vörös, Márton (BBA)

This is the faculty's committee for the distribution of funds for the improvement of teaching and studying according to Art. 4 + 5 of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences' Constitution on the Distribution of Funds, published in the Official Announcement no. 779 (PDF, in German only).

The Dean for Academic Affairs, i.e. Prof. Dr. Rainer Hartmann, chairs the committee 'ex officio' (with full voting rights).

The next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 31, 2023.

Members (term April 2023 - March 2024):

Group Regular Members Representatives
Professors Prof. Dr. Christian Fink
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Glück
1. Prof. Dr. Stefan Schäfer
2. Prof. Dr. Hans Hartweg
Students Andrea Maillard-Garcia (BIM)
Ina Partisch (BDBM)
n.n. (exma 06/2023)
Paul Breunig (BVF)
Sabrin Ramadan (BIM)
1. Anna Kollmann (BBA)
2. Marton Vörös (BBA)
3. Alina Hahn (BIM)
4. n.n. (exma 05/2023)
5. Philipp Kaden (BGÖ)
Administrative Staff Kai-Uwe Beetz Susanne Beck
Academic Staff Robin Grässel Andreas Carjell

Contact Details and Office Hours ServiceCenter

Photo Daniela ScherwinskyDaniela Scherwinsky
Head of the Examination Office
Petitions and requests for Examination Board / Examination Office of the WBS
E-mail: pruefungswesen-wbs(at)
Photo Heike BraunHeike Braun
Business Administration
Photo Gizem BiniciGizem Binici
Business & Law

Foto Nicole Eisenstein   Nicole Eisenstein
   Digital Business Management

Photo Simone MorathSimone Morath
Health Care Economics
Photo Giulia OhmGiulia Ohm
International Management
Photo Angelika PauliAngelika Pauli
Insurance & Banking
Function Ensures that the examination regulations are upheld and handles all questions relating to examinations such as registering, objections, retakes, credit approval and internships
Meetings 6 to 8 per year / next schedule: April 9, 2024
Term 2 years, students 1 year
Group of Professors
Albert, Dennis (BBA+MCF+MSM)
Eufinger, Alexander (BGÖ)
Herrmann, Sebastian (BDBM)
Petry, Markus (BVF+MVF)
Steusloff, Tatjana (BIM+MIM)
Telke, Jürgen (BBL+MBL)
Group of Students
Ammar, Yasmin (BIM)
Braun, Lena (BBL)
Dietz, Friedrich (BIB)
Kassel, Jonas (BBL)
Loukhaoukha, Jasmin (BGOe)
Head Prof. Dr. Markus Petry (Representative: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Herrmann)
E-mail pau-wbs(at) (for requests of general purpose / neither applications nor petitions!)
  • This e-mail address is true for Wiesbaden Business School's students only.
  • For any request, please don't forget to give one's student ID number and degree program.
Other faculties' students, please turn to the examination board of one's degree program or department.
Petitions To file a petition, please note:
  • Send a "traditional" paper letter (no e-mail!) to
    An den Prüfungsausschuss der Wiesbaden Business School
    - z. Hd. des Vorsitzenden -
    Hochschule RheinMain, Postfach 3251, 65022 Wiesbaden
  • Give all your postal address, e-mail address, phone number, student ID number and degree program
  • Petition ("What the examination board is expected to do?")
  • Reasons for the petition
  • Signature
A petition has to be submitted at least 14 days prior to an examination board meeting date. Petitions arriving late can only get subject to the next meeting date!
Advice To avoid rejection notification, we always recommend to ask for a consultation appointment before you file a petition.
For any request or petition, please always give your postal address, e-mail address, phone number,
student ID number und your degree program.

Each Degree Program Head is responsible for the scientific and didactic quality of the respective courses which they run, as well as for the efficient use of their personnel and the financial resources available to them.

A Degree Program Head serves as a "link" between:

  • all students of the degree program
  • all professors and instructors of the degree program
  • the Dean's office and the faculty administration.
Degree Program   Head Tenure
Business Administration Bachelor Prof. Dr. Tobias Heussler till 03/2025
Controlling & Finance Master Prof. Dr. Hartmut Werner till 05/2025
Sales & Marketing Management Master Prof. Dr. Mark Elsner till 05/2025
Business & Law Bachelor
+ Master
Prof. Dr. Christian Fink till 03/2024
Digital Business Management Bachelor Prof. Dr. Ingo Daeberitz till 03/2025
Digital Business Management Master Prof. Dr. Markus Faber bis 09/2025
Health Care Economics Bachelor Prof. Dr. Thomas Neusius till 03/2025
Health Care Management Master Prof. Dr. Silke Arnegger bis 09/2025
Insurance & Banking Bachelor
+ Master
Prof. Dr. Matthias Mueller-Reichart till 03/2025
International Management Bachelor Prof. Dr. Heiko Schoen till 03/2024
International Management Master Prof. Dr. Carlo Kraemer till 03/2024
Photo Isabelle MeissnerIsabelle Meissner
Incoming Students
Photo Blanca BeutlerBlanca Beutler
Outgoing Students
  Photo Dr. Alessandra MatroneDr. Alessandra Matrone
Advisor for Research and
International Collaboration

Photo Marina GrusevajaProf. Dr. Marina Grusevaja
Head of
International Relations

Photo Matthias KalverkampProf. Dr. Matthias Kalverkamp
Deputy Head of International Relations
Contact: Ms. Geissler     Photo Ms. Geissler
Phone: +49 611 9495-3100
Fax: +49 611 9495-3101
E-mail: service-wbs(at)
Postal address: Wiesbaden Business School, HS RheinMain, Postfach 3251, 65022 Wiesbaden
Office: room II-06, Eugen-Schmalenbach-Haus (2nd floor, on the left)

Opening hours: