Within the project, scholarships are offered to provide financial support for a stay abroad. 
The scholarships can be received by students attending one of the partner universities in Thailand, Austria, the USA or Norway as part of the "Global Design & Media CoSpace" project and at students from the partner universities attending the degree programs "Media: Conception & Production B.A." or "Screen Arts M.A." (formerly: Creative Media Conception M.A.). 

The DAAD provided the funding for the project. The project managers decided who will receive a scholarship. 



Which scholarships are offered?

Students of the RhineMain University of Applied Sciences to the University of River Falls 

  • 1.150 €  travel expenses 
  • 1.175 € per month for four months 
  • Total amount = 5.850 € 

Students from the University of River Falls to RheinMain University of Applied Sciences 

  • 1.150 €  travel expenses 
  • 750€ per month for five months 
  • Total amount = 4.900 € 

Students of the RhineMain University of Applied Sciences to the ICO NIDA 

  • 1.325 €  travel expenses 
  • 1.200€ per month for five months 
  • Total amount = 7.325 € 

Students of the ICO NIDA to the RhineMain University of Applied Sciences 

  • 1.325 € travel expenses 
  • 750€ per month each for five months 
  • Total amount = 5.075 € 



What has to be submitted?

  • Letter of motivation in English 
  • Tabular curriculum vitae including honorary positions, student council work, appointment procedures
  • Letter of recommendation from a professor (if you are currently studying for a Master's degree, it is also possible to submit a letter of recommendation from one of your Bachelor's professors) 
  • Grades collection slip 

Please send all applications within the given deadline by email to Global Design & Media CoSpace.

All applications submitted too late cannot be considered. 



What has to be considered?

Funding from the DAAD or other organizations cannot be combined with a scholarship within the project. Additional funding within the framework of DAAD PROMOS is not possible with the receipt of a "Global Design & Media CoSpace Scholarship".