University and State Library

At the moment all libraries of the University and State Library are open for basic operation such as borrowing books and returning books (Opening Hours). In several libraries you can pick your books from the bookshelves yourselves in others your have to „order“ them via e-mail before you come to the respective library. For more information, please check the locations-site of your library.

For students of the HSRM, who are about to enter their exam phase and for research, there’s a limited amount of work spaces in several libraries. To get one of those, you have to book a work space beforehand via our appointment booking system.

The 3G rule applies to access the buildings where our libraries are located. That means you have to be vaccinated, recovered or tested negatively for Covid to use the libraries and/or their study spaces. Please carry the corresponding documentation with you. The easiest way to document your 3G status are digital certificates (uploaded in the Corona-Warn-App or CovPass-App).

The only exception from this rule is the State Library at Rheinstraße but only to pick up books or return them to the library.

In addition to the 3G rule please always wear a mouth and nose covering inside the libraries and keep the necessary 1,5 meters distance to others!

If you have questions or need help with your media research, you can contact us via:

Unfortunately, on-site advice can’t be offered at this point.

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