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RheinMain University of Applied Sciences

Two locations in the Rhine-Main area offering over 70 bachelor's and master's degree programs – this is what defines the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. About 13,000 students study in the Faculties of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Design – Computer Science – Media, Applied Social Sciences and Wiesbaden Business School in Wiesbaden, as well as the Faculty of Engineering in Rüsselsheim.

As a university of applied sciences, the university places particular emphasis on offering practice-driven education. This goal is achieved by providing campus laboratories, adjunct instructors from the industry, practical projects and internship semesters in Germany and abroad, as well as cooperative, part-time and distance learning degree programs.

Focusing on students

Students are at the center of everything we do. The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is a welcoming university that ensures degree programs are widely accessible and takes personal educational backgrounds into account. As a partner university for elite sport, the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences aids elite sportsmen and sportswomen in reconciling studying with their sports career. As a family-oriented institution we also promote a healthy work-life balance for managing studying, professional life and family commitments.

Research activities and doctoral programs

The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is recognized for its professionally oriented teaching and applied research. This is demonstrated in particular by three research focal areas that enhance the university's profile on the topics of: Engineering 4.0, Smart systems for man and technology and Professionalism in social work. The university's research activities are anchored primarily in two doctoral programs that run with the Goethe-University Frankfurt. Plans are underway to set up a joint center for doctoral programs in the area of social work in cooperation with the Frankfurt and Fulda Universities of Applied Sciences. This is unique to Hesse, as it is the first federal state to allow universities of applied sciences to offer doctoral programs.

An international atmosphere

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is a cosmopolitan university with numerous international partners and partner universities on every continent, including 80 European partner universities. The Hesse state program offers scholarships for periods of study spent in Australia and the USA. Degree programs with dual qualifications can also be chosen, for instance at universities in Thailand, Chile and Switzerland.  The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is pleased to welcome international students and guest lecturers, and thus facilitates intercultural activities here in Germany.

Who do we want to be?

The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences aims to be one of the leading universities for applied sciences in Germany, recognized for its in-depth academic and professional teaching and for its applied research which is closely linked to it. As students, employees and academic staff we work together to reach this goal.

How do we want to achieve this?

  • We design modern degree programs that qualify our students to carry out their professions and help to enhance their personal development. We promote excellence in teaching.
  • We regard ourselves as an open university that ensures and supports broad-based access to our study programs.
  • We set up the appropriate framework conditions for applied research, which is recognized by the scientific community and society at large.
  • By providing training opportunities for our academic staff we support sharing and exchanging between academia and professional practice, and act as a bridge to society and the world of work.
  • We have strong regional ties in the Rhine-Main region and enhance the university's international outlook.
  • As a family-friendly university we provide assistance in balancing studies and careers with family life.

How do we interact with each other?

  • We encourage and expect our students and staff to demonstrate personal commitment.
  • We treat each other in a way that demonstrates reliability, integrity, openness, a solution-oriented approach and the willingness to assume responsibility. At the same time, our interaction is based on the principles of solidarity, partnership, respect and regard for others.
  • The university administration works in a service-oriented manner to aid the faculties in achieving their goals.
  • We uphold ethical standards in both how we treat each other and in scientific practice. We take on board responsibility for the consequence of our actions.
  • We embrace the university's democratic and participative traditions.


This mission statement serves as a basis for implementing our strategies and goals and is reviewed and updated at regular intervals.

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1971, when the engineering colleges in Geisenheim, Idstein and Rüsselsheim and a design school in Wiesbaden were combined into what was then called Fachhochschule Wiesbaden. In September 2009, the university changed its name to RheinMain University. In January 2013, the Geisenheim faculty became a university of its own. The study locations in Wiesbaden and Rüsselsheim are now called RheinMain University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden Rüsselsheim.

After the merging of the former 14 organizational units and Geisenheim becoming an independent institution, Hochschule RheinMain now has five faculties: The four Faculties of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Design – Computer Science – Media, Applied Social Sciences and Wiesbaden Business School are located in Wiesbaden, the Faculty of Engineering is situated in nearby Rüsselsheim.;

No. of students – winter semester 2021/22

(as of 05.11.2021)

Overall no. of students: 13,548
In Wiesbaden: 10,254
In Rüsselsheim: 3,294
Female students: 6,465 (48 %)

No. of first-year students – winter semester 2021/22

(as of 05.11.2021)

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences total: 2,212
In Wiesbaden: 1,732
In Rüsselsheim: 480

No. of students per faculty – winter semester 2021/22

(as of 05.11.2021)

Architecture and Civil Engineering: 2,190
Design - Computer Science - Media: 3,045
Engineering: 3,288
Applied Social Sciences: 2,097
Wiesbaden Business School: 2,924


Facts and figures of every semester

The Campuses of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and how to get there

Both RheinMain University of Applied Sciences locations Wiesbaden, and Rüsselsheim are part of the centrally located Rhine-Main area and are easy to reach from within Germany or from abroad. Arriving by car or by train are both good options. Frankfurt Airport is also nearby and is well connected by rail to Rüsselsheim and Wiesbaden with frequent train services.

Locations and Campus Plans

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is taking a holistic approach to internationalization that encompasses measures for integrating an international and intercultural dimension into all areas of the University. Internationalization is key for offering excellent teaching and research.

To underline this, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences successfully underwent the audit “Internationalisierung der Hochschulen” ("Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions") by the German HRK (“German Rectors’ Conference”) in 2021. The audit aims to systematically analyse the university’s current level of internationalization and to suggest paths for further development.

Further information such as the self-report written as part of the auditing process and recommendations for the further development of RheinMain University’s internationalization strategy is available to our staff on our internal pages. If you have any questions regarding the audit or internationalization at the University in general, please do not hesitate to contact the International Office.

The Commitment to Teaching Award (formerly Excellence in Teaching Award) is awarded annually since 2005. It is meant to highlight outstanding achievements of instructors and make them known to a wider public.

For outstanding service to the RheinMain university the senate can assess a proposal for persons to receive honorary titles.

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences aims to enable people with and without disabilities or a chronic illness to have full and equal access to the university.

You can find information on accessibility at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences on our "Accessible University" website.