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Anyone can register free of charge at all five sites of the RheinMain University and State Library if their place of residence is Germany and they are at least 14 years of age.

When registering, please bring the following items:

By signing up, you accept the terms of use of RheinMain University and State Library (in German only).

After registration, you will receive a library card. For students of RheinMain University, the StudentCard will be activated.

You will need the library card for:

You can access your borrowing account ("Ihr Ausleihkonto") with your library card number or the number on the back of your StudentCard together with the password (date of birth format: DDMMJJ).

In your account, you can:

  • view your borrowed media
  • renew borrowed items
  • check any incurred charges
  • view and delete reservations
  • change your e-mail address
  • change your password

In order to be able to borrow media from the RheinMain University and State Library, you will require a library card.

On the Rheinstraße site, media must be ordered via Katalog Plus. When ordering, you can choose your desired pick-up location. The time it takes to become available will vary depending on the location selected. On all other sites, you can look for the media on the shelves yourself.

Lending period

The lending period is generally four weeks, for some media types two weeks. If media are not returned or renewed in time, a reminder fee will be charged (fee schedule).

A medium can be renewed up to five times (online via your borrowing account ("Ihr Ausleihkonto") up to the last day of the lending period or by telephone) by a period of four or two weeks, unless it has been reserved by another user. A sixth renewal or a renewal after the end of the lending period is only possible by telephone or at the lending desk.


The borrowed media can be returned to all five library sites. In Bertramstraße, Kurt-Schumacher-Ring and Unter den Eichen, there are return boxes, which are also accessible outside the opening hours.


If a medium is borrowed, a reservation can be made. To do this:

  • search for the title in Katalog Plus,
  • click on "vormerken" and
  • enter your user number and password.

If there are several copies, please note the date of return and the number of reservations.

Once the medium has been returned, you will receive an e-mail. You have seven working days to pick it up.