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  • You have an idea that could be implemented at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences?
  • You have a burning issue and do not know who to ask?
  • You have something nice to say about RheinMain University of Applied Sciences?
  • You are upset and have a complaint about RheinMain University of Applied Sciences?

Complaints, ideas, questions and of course praise – whatever is on your mind during your studies at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is important to us! We are happy to deal with the individual concerns of prospective students, students and alumni! We work according to the above-mentioned principles of confidentiality, omni-partiality, solution orientation, and appreciation.  


Good to know

Do you have further questions about FeedbackPLUS?

If you would like to know more about FeedbackPLUS at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, see our list of FAQ. You can learn more about our statutes, working methods, history, data protection and reporting.


FAQ about FeedbackPLUS sorted by topics (A-D) 

A – What is FeedbackPLUS and how do we work?

B – Who is our target audience? 

C – What is the legal basis of our work?

D – What else should I know?


A – What is FeedbackPLUS and how do we work?

A1. What is FeedbackPLUS at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences?

It is the central service unit for all feedback concerning studies and teaching at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, helping students to clarify their concerns individually. Furthermore, feedback management contributes to the continuous development of the university.


A2. How does FeedbackPLUS work?

We are guided by the principles of independence, confidentiality, neutrality, omni-partiality and appreciation when dealing with feedback cases. By doing so, we follow the self-concept of the Network Complaint- and Improvement, and Ombudsperson of German Universities. 

We see ourselves as a service that is happy to help you and all other persons involved in the feedback process to find solutions. Depending on the feedback, we gather information, create transparency, connect the parties involved, counsel and accompany you. In case of conflicts, the feedback management can also assist students. Together, we will find a good solution for you.


A 3. To what extent are students involved in FeedbackPLUS?

According to the statute of feedback management, students can be involved case-related (e.g., via a student’s council). We ensure that the feedback providers and feedback addressees are not identifiable, when third parties are involved. 


A4.  Is FeedbackPLUS a legal advice?

FeedbackPLUS does not give any legal advice, nor is it a legal service entity. In case you need legal advice, please contact the Studierendenwerk Frankfurt or the legal service of AStA (student union).


A5. Can I submit an objection to FeedbackPLUS?

Feedback management does not process objections, as it is not a legal entity. However, it can be useful – depending on your concern – to file an objection. In case you want to file an objection against an official notice, you can find information in the instructions on how to appeal a legal notice.


A6. Where can I find advice regarding my studies?

FeedbackPLUS handles concerns, ideas, criticism and of course praise. If your request deals with any of these matters, you have found the right place. However, if you have specific questions regarding your studies, for example, choice of study and/or courses, please contact student advising. If you have problems organizing your studies or exam anxiety, or a similar issue, please seek psychological counselling at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.


A7. Can I contact FeedbackPLUS when experiencing technical issues?

Concerning technical issues, such as online course or exam registration, please contact the IT- and Media Service (ITMZ). For technical questions relating to online enrollment and/or application, please contact bewerbungssupport(at)


B Who is our target audience?

B1 Who is eligible to give feedback? 

We welcome feedback provided in a constructive spirit by all persons connected to RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. Nevertheless, FeedbackPlus is primarily a service for prospective students, students enrolled at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and alumni.


B2. Is university staff allowed to use FeedbackPLUS?

FeedbackPLUS has been set up primarily for the target group described in question B1. We are currently also processing feedback given by other members of the university.


B3. As a university staff member, can I contact FeedbackPLUS if I have a conflict with other staff members?

If you have a conflict with another staff member, please contact the staff council or conflict management at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.


C. What is the legal basis of our work?

C1. Where do I find relevant information on data protection and what happens with my data?

The statute of feedback management of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences clearly outlines how your data is processed and protected.


C2. Is my feedback confidential?

Your feedback will of course be treated confidentially. Only the feedback manager knows all your details. As a matter of principle, every time feedback is processed, we check whether it is necessary to pass on the request with personal data. If it is necessary, we ask for your consent to process the case with personal data, and only then, we forward the case to the persons involved.


C3. Can I provide feedback anonymously?

Generally, anonymous feedback is possible. You may also use a pseudonym. However, we would like to point out that we cannot contact you, if your feedback is anonymous. It is also not possible to inform you about the results of your feedback. If you wish information on your concern, please kindly provide your contact details, for example, an email address or a phone number. 


C4. I am worried to experience disadvantages when contacting FeedbackPLUS…

Since your request will be treated confidentially and your name will only be mentioned to other employees and members of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences if you agree to it, you need not fear any disadvantages. If you have this concern, simply contact us, and we will coordinate with you.


D What else should I know?

D1 Is it actually possible to follow up on the topics FeedbackPLUS is dealing with?

Topics and content received by feedback management are analyzed each semester. The feedback is recorded anonymously and statistically evaluated. The semester report is publicly available to students and university staff on the university's quality management platform (>>Stichworte A-  Z >Feedbackmanagement >Semesterreports). The feedback management statute of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences stipulates in detail how your data is processed and protected.


D2. How was FeedbackPLUS actually established at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences?

FeedbackPLUS was developed and implemented in 2014/15 at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences as part of a project financed by the structural study program of the Hessen State Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and the Arts.

The aim was to establish a low-threshold opportunity for (anonymous) feedback for students. On the one hand this additional service was designed to support the university in closing its feedback loops for the continuous improvement of study quality, and on the other hand to pursue its strategic goals in the area of study and teaching in a tailored manner.


D3. Who was involved in developing the concept? 

The concept to introduce FeedbackPLUS was developed in close cooperation with various stakeholders. From the very beginning, it was important to the project team to involve university bodies, such as the Senate and the Staff Council, but especially the student body, represented by AStA and the student councils of the faculties. Consistent communication and the participation of all organizational units were key success factors of the project to establish FeedbackPLUS as a trustworthy and meaningful service.


D4. What are the disticntive freatures of FeedbackPLUS at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences?

Thanks to the good cooperation of all parties involved, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences was the first university in Germany that drafted a statute for feedback management, which  regulates the personal data handling in feedback management, and establishes legal certainty. The All-Campus Staff Council, the Data Protection Officer, and the AStA agreed upon the statute. It was approved by the Senate, and legally adopted by the President's Council.


D5. Who can I contact if I have further questions?

If you have further questions, please contact our feedback managers at

Caroline Kandler                                   Rebecca Pries
FeedbackPLUS                                       FeedbackPLUS
Campus Unter den Eichen                   Campus Unter den Eichen
Gebäude H | Raumnummer 3.11        Gebäude H | Raumnummer 3.11
Telefon: +49 611 9495-1147              Telefon: +49 611 9495-1139
E-Mail: feedback(at)             E-Mail: feedback(at)  

postal adress:
Hochschule RheinMain
Caroline Kandler / Rebecca Pries
Postfach 3251
65022 Wiesbaden


German Network of Complaint and Improvement Management, and Ombuds in Higher Education

Our Feedback Management is member of the BeVeOM: the German Network of Complaint – and Improvement Managers, and Ombuds of Education and Teaching in German Higher Education. This network serves as a professional and cooperative exchange. Our work at University of Applied Sciences RheinMain is guided by the principles of the BeVeOm, working with the principles of independence, confidentiality, neutrality and omni-partiality, and appreciation.



Providing Feedback...

… you can provide feedback

  • via our web form or e-mail
  • during a personal appointment or during our office hours
  • on the phone
  • by sending us mail to our mailbox


Web Form or E-Mail

The easiest way to reach us, is via our own web form (optimized for Mozilla Firefox Browser), offering you the possibility to choose a feedback area via a drop-down menu. Your statements are transferred directly to the feedback manager and will be processed as soon as possible. You can also write an email to feedback(at)


Personal Appointments and Office Hours

You may prefer to provide feedback personally. Either you just visit us during our office hours or you ask for an appointment. Our office hours always take place Thursdays, rotating at all locations:

  • 1st Thursday of the month: Campus Kurt-Schumacher-Ring, Building A, Room A327a
  • 2nd Thursday of the month: Campus Rüsselsheim, Cafeteria Building, Room "Quantum"
  • 3rd Thursday of the month: Campus Bleichstraße/Bertramstraße, Room cf. “News”
  • 4th Thursday of the month: Campus Unter den Eichen, Glas Building Room E04


Phone Consultations

If you would like to discuss your request by phone, you can contact the feedback manager at +49 611 9495-1147. We are generally available on Monday and Tuesday mornings, and on Thursday during our office hours. If you cannot reach us, please leave a message and a number and we will get back to you.



You would like to send us your feedback as a letter. - No problem! Simply use one of the feedback cards available at the University, or use your own piece of paper and then drop your message in one of the two mailboxes.


Mailbox Wiesbaden:
Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 18 / 65197 Wiesbaden                                      
Building A, Garden floor / The mailbox is located diagonally opposite the I-point/next to the staircase.


Mailbox Rüsselsheim:
Am Brückweg 26 / 65428 Rüsselsheim
Building A / The mailbox is located diagonally opposite the reception area.


Important information on giving feedback via mailbox:

  1. Please note that for logistical reasons the processing of your request may take longer if you send us your feedback via one of the mailboxes. The mailboxes are not operated by the University’s post office service, and we empty the mailboxes approximately every one to two weeks depending on the location.
  2. In order to clarify any queries and to be able to deal with your concerns in the best possible way, it is helpful if your feedback includes a contact option. It is not possible for the feedback management to contact you without any contact information.