Feedback Management

Ideas - question - positive feedback - criticism: whatever moves you about your studies at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, we value your feedback!

Whether you're interested in studying or are already studying here, or are a graduate of our university, we look into each individual issue and attempt to find a solution that is satisfactory for all involved.

  • Do you have an idea you think RheinMain University of Applied Sciences should implement?
  • Are you uncertain who to address with your question?
  • Would you like to praise the university?
  • Are you annoyed and would like to criticize the university?

Please give us your feedback!

Good to know

  1. Our work is based on trust, dependability and a solution-oriented approach.
  2. We're easy to reach and you can contact us in various ways: you can drop by during our office hours, pick up the phone, fill out the web form or use our feedback mailbox.
  3. We're serious about protecting your personal data! You decide what happens with it. Your personal data remains exclusively with the Feedback Management team, unless you explicitly agree to other employees learning who the feedback is from, so that your issue can be dealt with even more effectively. Data protection is regulated in the Feedback Management By-laws (in German only). Further information about feedback management can be found in the by-laws and FAQ list (in German only).

We're here for you in Feedback Management:

Caroline Kandler
Feedback Manager
Telephone: +49 611 9495-1147

Birte Müller-Heidelberg
Deputy Feedback Manager
Telephone: +49 611 9495-1139

As a student it's also possible to become involved in Feedback Management via AStA or student ombudsmanships in each faculty. These channels ensure the student perspective is taken into account, and lead to a more intensive exchange on issues. Feedback Management can then directly clarify how students feel about a certain matter. It goes without saying that cases are only discussed with student ombudspersons anonymously.