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At RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, students, teachers and other employees of the university can take advantage of comprehensive sports offerings.

Our goal is to provide an attractive and interesting range of various kinds of sports for all university members. Sports – from aerobic to hockey and yoga – allow participants to relax after a long day full of studies and work, to make new friends and to meet new challenges outside of classes and work assignments.

However, competitive sports, which is in fact quite prominent at our university, is also not being neglected. The university participates and hosts national championchips and tournaments. In addition leisure activities such as ski trips and canoe weekends are also offered.

Sport activities are offered in Wiesbaden and also in Rüsselsheim.

Sports program semester break winter 2020

03 February 2020 ; release of sports program semester break winter 2020

05 February 2020 ; online registration including payment via direct debit for all courses starts

17 February 2020 ; official start of courses for semester break

17 February 2020 -

09 April 2020; sports program semester break winter 2020

Sports program winter semester 2019/2020

01 October 2019 ; release of sports program winter semester 2019/20

14 October 2019 ; official start of winter semester 2019/20 - courses start

14 - 18 October 2019 ; Taster Week (no registration necessary)

18 October 2019 ; online registration including payment via direct debit for all courses starts

21 October 2019 ; online registration for guests starts

14 October 2019 -

14 February 2020; sports program winter semester 2019/2020 - all ball games continue until the Easter holidays start

You are looking for a course? Check these:

The sports program for the summer semester 2020 will be available on 01 April 2020 under "Program A-Z". The printed brochure with all program information is available for free and is displayed in all libraries at the university locations.

The sports program of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the College of Police and Management offers you a wide and attractive range of different sports. 132 classes per week and 55 sports offer you an inexpensive way to be active during your studies. You can participate in most ball sports and team sports for free! In addition to basketball, football, volleyball & Co. the university sports offers you other opportunities to try interesting sports. You can try out martial arts, e.g. Taekwondo, or attend one of the numerous health and fitness classes.

Besides classics like aerobics, belly legs bottom or Yoga, new trend sports are represented in the sports program. Modern class formats such as Deep Work or Zumba already inspire students of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences to be active for several semesters. However the university sports team is constantly working to further develop the sport program and expand the range of sports according to the students’ wishes. 

In addition to the weekly classes, excursions such as a 1-day bicycle tour or a one week surfing trip are offered by the university sports. 

The university sports program offers numerous possibilities of organized competitive sport for all performance-oriented athletes. Every year a variety of students of our university participate in German and international university championships. This semester the German University Cup in men's football and the German University Championships in Golf will be held at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. Moreover students will participate in national competitions in handball and volleyball.

If the sports program sounds interesting, there is only one thing to do: join our classes and let's start into an exciting and varied, perhaps sweaty, but especially "moved" semester.

You can find all sports classes listed below under Program A-Z.


University sports program flyer winter semester 2019/20 as PDF:

sports program winter semester 2019/20



Online registration on our homepage via "Program A-Z" is required for all classes. Registration for classes opens on 21 April 2020.


Class fee and payment

The class fee is usually from EUR 20,00 to EUR 30,00 per semester for students and EUR 50,00 for externals. Several courses are free.

The fee has to be paid immediately via direct debit in order to complete the online registration.

Participation in the class is only possible after the payment of the fee!


Taster Week

All courses start on 14 April 2020. In this week, no registration is necessary and the courses are free. Exceptions are courses which start later in the semester or which are offered by external sports clubs and partners.

Registration starts on 21 April 2020.


University sports card

The sports card has been replaced by the participation ticket, which will be generated after the payment of the class fee. Please bring a printed copy or the PDF on your phone to a each class.


Dates and opening times

The sports program for the summer semester 2020 is valid from 14 April 2020 to the end of the summer semester 2020 (31 July 2020). Some of the halls are closed during the school holidays:

  1. Autumn holidays: 30.09. - 12.10.2019

  2. Winter holidays: 23.12.2019 - 11.01.2020

  3. Easter holidays: 06. - 18.04.2020


We want you

We are looking for male and female players in different sports, from District League to Bundesliga, for our university teams to participate in university championships and the adh individual championships! Please register in the university sports office.



If you do not like the university sports or if you have any requests, please contact the university sports office directly. We try to adapt to the university sports to the needs of all university members and are grateful for any suggestions.

Program A-Z


Register here for all courses of the summer semester 2020 and pay immediately via direct debit to complete the registration process. Registration opens on 21 April 2020.

Fees are per course for students/employees/externals.


Which course suits my schedule?

Check the sports weekly overview or use the course search.

Cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences for Police and Management

Since winter semester 2015/16, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and the University of Applied Sciences for Police and Management are working together to give students more possibilities regarding sports. As a result, the sports program is more diverse and students have access to more sports facilities. It is also possible to form joined teams for national championchips and tournaments. The goal is to create better conditions for student athletes and the organisation of tournaments.

Partner university of leading athletics

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences was the first university of applied sciences in Hesse to sign the cooperation agreement "partner university of leading athletics" with its two partners, the Olympic Center Hesse and the State Sports Association Hesse and the German University Sports Association (adh).

The agreement aims to enable leading athletes to compete as athletes while getting an academic degree at the same time. As far as possible, study-related organizational and scheduling problems that arise from the athletic responsibilities of the students will be eliminated or mitigated.

For more information, go to the

cooperation agreement (PDF 103 KB, in German only)

resolution of the German parliament on promoting leading athletics at universities (PDF 87 KB, in German only) 

leading athletics at universities (PDF 215 KB, in German only) - joint declaration of Standing Conference, the Sports Minister Conference, the German Olympic Sports Federation and the German Rectors' Conference


German University Sports Association (adh)

latest adh competition and training events:

national competitive sports
seminars - workshops - trainings

Our sports cooperations

German University Sports Association (adh)
German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB)
Sports Federation Hessen


We would like to thank the following sports clubs and organizations for their support:

SV Sauerland e.V. - Fussball
Judo-Club Wiesbaden 1922 e.V.
Golfclub Idstein
Papillon Flugschulen Wasserkuppe
Unitanz Mainz
Rasensportclub Wiesbaden - Hockey
Schützenverein Burgfalken e.V. - Bogenschießen
TG 1862 e.V. Rüsselsheim - Volleyball
TUS Dotzheim e.V. - Handball
TV 1890 e.V. Rüsselsheim/Hassloch - Segeln

Downloads for students

sports program winter semester 2019/20 (PDF 9,1 MB, only in German)

weekly overview winter semester 2019/20 (PDF 71 KB, only in German)

Downloads for trainers

cash advance form (PDF 44 KB, only in German)

accounting form for trainer (PDF 8 KB, only in German)

participation list for sports classes (PDF 11 KB, only in German)


The photos of the university sports activities can be found on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/HSRM.Hochschulsport.


Head of University Sports

Klaus Lindemann
E-Mail: klaus.lindemann(at)remove-this.hs-rm.de

Staff Member

Meike Kaltenbach
E-Mail: meike.kaltenbach(at)remove-this.hs-rm.de

Student Assistants

Maximilian Hasenstab & Rhea Aull
E-Mail: hochschulsport(at)remove-this.hs-rm.de

Office Campus Wiesbaden

Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 18,
65197 Wiesbaden,
Hochschule RheinMain,
Building C - Room 2.04
Phone: +49 611 9495-1580 oder -1582
Fax: +49 611 9495-1581
Opening hours: Mo - Fr 10:00am - 03:00pm

Office Campus Rüsselsheim

Am Brückweg 26,
65428 Rüsselsheim,
Building A, Room A016 
Opening Hours: by appointment only


If you do not like something at the university sports or if you have any input, please contact the university sports office directly. Our effort is to adapt the university sports to the nees of all university members. We are grateful for any suggestions.

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Team University of Applied Sciences for Police and Management

University of Applied Sciences for Police and Management

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65199 Wiesbaden


Contact / Coordinator for University Sporty & Competitive Sport

Christoph Zinner

E-Mail: hochschulsport(at)remove-this.hfpv-hessen.de


Sport Department

Philip Jüttner

E-Mail: sportreferat(at)remove-this.hfpv-hessen.de