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Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering

The Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering builds on the 140-year tradition of the Idstein Royal College for Construction and Mechanical Engineering and offers a perfect study environment with state-of-the-art laboratories for its 2,300 students.

Our professors have excellent contacts and bring their real-world experience into the classroom. Courses reflect the state of the art of architecture and civil engineering practice. There is a close cooperation with the Wiesbaden Construction Materials Testing Center and other scientific institutions.

Degree Programs

At the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, we offer the following degree programs:


  • Architecture (B.Sc.)
  • Architecture (M.Sc.)
  • Architectural Heritage Conservation (B.Sc.)

Civil Engineering

  • Civil Engineering (B.Eng.)
  • Civil Engineering and Construction Management (M.Eng.)
  • Mobility Management (B.Eng.)
  • Environmental Management & Urban Planning in Metropolitan Areas (M.Eng.)

Real Estate Management

  • Real Estate Management (B.Eng.)

Research Profile

General research topics at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering:

  • Resource-efficient building, development of new construction methods and materials
  • Infrastructure planning, planning and construction in metropolitan areas

Research focus (with third-party funding research activities):

  • Building and room acoustics / staircase construction
    (Department of Architecture, Construction Physics Laboratory, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Kanz, Dipl.-Ing. Mario Miscioscia)
  • Structural inspection and construction research
    (Department of Architecture: Laboratory for Structural Inspection and Construction Research, LfB, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rohn)
  • Solid construction materials technology and solid construction preservation
    (Department of Civil Engineering, Solid Construction Laboratory, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Heese)
  • Flowing water, flood safety
    (Department of Civil Engineering, Water Engineering Laboratory, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ruiz Rodriguez)
  • Task force "Spate and Flashfloods" (Department of Civil Engineering, Water Engineering Laboratory, Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Ruiz Rodriguez in collaboration with the Hessisches Landesamt für Umwelt und Geologie, HLUG)
  • MPA Wiesbaden (Wiesbaden Construction Materials Testing Center)
    (Construction Materials Testing Center for Civil Engineering MPA Wiesbaden, Director: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Heese)
  • Timber engineering, timber-concrete composite constructions and timber-steel bonds
    (Department of Civil Engineering: Timber Engineering Laboratory, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bathon)

In addition, there are numerous small-scale research activities going on in the specific laboratories.

Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering

We are happy that you have decided to study at our faculty and wish you a successful and enjoyable stay here in Wiesbaden! Should you have any questions please contact Carolin Kaus at the faculty's International Office.

Below you will find information on our course offer, course registration and student advisory services.

And don't forget to check out the activities and excursions for all incoming students organized every semester by the student incoming coordinators of the Wiesbaden Business School!

Academic Calendar

You can find our semester dates and important deadlines on the following website: Academic Calendar

More detailed information on the semester dates for each degree program is published on the respective webpage under "Termine und Fristen".

Degree Programs and Curricula

Below you can find the curricula and the module handbooks of our degree programs:

  • Architecture

B.Sc. Architecture: Curriculum PO* 2020 (English) and Electives (German/English) and Module Handbook PO* 2015 (English) and Module Handbook PO 2020 (German)
M.Sc. Architecture | Building Revitalization and Transformation: Curriculum (English) and Module Handbook (German)
B.Sc. Architectural Heritage Conservation: Curriculum (English) and Module Handbook (English)
M.Sc. Architectural Heritage Conservation | Building in Historic Context: Curriculum (English) and Module Handbook (German)

*PO = Examination Regulations

  • Civil Engineering

B.Eng. Civil Engineering: Curriculum (English)
M.Eng. Civil Engineering and Construction Management: Curriculum (English)
B.Eng. Mobility Management: Module Handbook (English)
M.Eng. Environmental Planning and Urban Planning in Metropolitan Areas: Curriculum (English) and Module Handbook (English)

  • Real Estate Management

B.Eng. Real Estate Management: Module Handbook (English)

Please bear in mind that the language of instruction at our faculty is German, so there are just a few courses taught in English. Nonetheless, English coaching is usually possible in projects and labs. To find a list of all courses taught in English at our faculty, please click here.

Course Choice and Learning Agreement

To prepare your stay here at our faculty, you will be asked to fill in a learning agreement with your course choice. Below you will find general information that helps you when preparing your learning agreement:

  • Modules (Modul) consist of one or more courses (Lehrveranstaltung) and a course is always part of a module.
  • A course can be a lecture (Vorlesung), seminar (Seminar), lab (Labor), or project (Projekt).

There are module handbooks (Modulhandbuch) for every degree program with comprehensive information on each course offered here at our faculty. Module handbooks are published on the webpage of the respective degree program (see "Studienverlauf").

To see which courses are offered in the winter semester and the summer semester respectively, please check our schedules (Stundenplan) and latest course catalogs (Vorlesungsverzeichnis). Both documents are usually published shortly before lectures start. Once online, you will be able to find them here: FAB Aktuelles.

If you intend to write the thesis in Wiesbaden, please inform us well in advance on your topic, so we can match you with a supervisor.

Please note that most courses are taught in German and that you need at least B1 level (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) to be able to follow the courses. However, it is possible to complete certain projects and labs with English support from the lecturers! To find a list of all courses taught in English at our faculty, please click here.

Once in Wiesbaden, you do not have to fix your course choice on the very first day. Go and attend the classes you are interested in and discuss any doubts with the lecturers. They can assist and inform you on the course requirements concerning language and examination procedures. Discuss your course choice with your Departmental Coordinator and have him sign your learning agreement.

Exam Registration and HSRM COMPASS

HSRM COMPASS is the online study space for students at HSRM where they register for courses and exams. Exchange students get an introduction to the online course registration in HSRM COMPASS at the beginning of the semester.

As there are different deadlines and regulations for the exam registration in every degree program, please consult the relevant information given on the notice boards and webpages of your specific degree program.

Student Advisory Services

If you are an exchange student, your main contact at the faculty is Carolin Kaus from the International Office at the Faculty.

For general questions concerning the application process, accommodation, enrollment, StudentCard, public transport, health insurance), please consult Tanja Bauer from the Institutional International Office via incoming[at]

For academic issues, please contact your Departmental International Coordinator. They are the ones who sign your learning agreement!

If you are a degree-seeking student, please consult the website of the Institutional International Office for information on application, admissions and enrollment.

International Office at the Faculty


Carolin Kaus  |  Exchange students (Incoming and outgoing)

Room: D-127

T: +49 611 9495 1437

E: international-fab(at)

Office hours:

During non-lecture periods, please write an email to and we will schedule a face-to-face or online appointment.


Anna-Lena von Garnier (Project DiVine)  |  International students (Degree seekings) 

Room: D-127

T: +49 611 9495 2663

E: anna-lena.vongarnier(at)

Office hours:

At the office (room D-127): Monday and Wednesday 1-2pm

For online appointments (Webex) or appointments outside the office hours, please write an email.


Departmental International Coordinators