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Introducing Wiesbaden Business SchoolPhoto Prof. Dr. Stefan Jugel (Dean)

Wiesbaden Business School offers its students an attractive range of degree programs with six study areas. Our aim is to provide practically-oriented education and to employ a problem-solving approach that ensures students can transition smoothly into the world of work. The benchmark the university and the faculty applies is to coach our students towards success in their studies and subsequent working life.

That means that we, as academics, in conjunction with the faculty's administrative and support staff offer our students a demanding curriculum, and motivate them to achieve outstanding results and success in their degree programs. At the same time, we require and nurture above-average performance – because ultimately: There's no such thing as a free lunch. And the way the faculty has developed over the years, and its reputation in the business community, encourages us to strive towards balancing knowledge transfer with practice. We measure ourselves by examining how prepared our graduates are for working life – even if, sadly, not all our undergraduates make the grade. Expressed from an economic point of view: academic offerings need to be actively demanded, otherwise there is no success on the market!

Wiesbaden Business School opened its doors to students as a faculty of economics when the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, formerly Fachhochschule Wiesbaden, started operations in 1971. Following on from the earlier diploma degree program of business administration with various focal areas, six degree programs have been developed at bachelor and master levels. These arose from implementing the Bologna process at an early stage in 2001, and the accompanying trend towards specialized degree programs:

Business Administrationas a continuation of the classic business administration diploma degree with the focal areas marketing / sales and financing / financial controlling
International Managementas a generalist, internationally-orientated business administration degree program with over 50 partner universities for the obligatory period spent abroad
Insurance & Financea degree program specializing in insurance and financial services companies
Health Care Economicsas an economic studies specialization with a social-legal and medical focus for the health care sector
Business & Law in
Accounting and Taxation
as a degree program focusing on tax advising and auditing, and finally
Digital Business Mangemnentas the faculty's most recent business administration degree program (beginning in winter semester 2016-17) focusing on the processes of digital transformation that are becoming increasingly important worldwide.

Today the faculty is the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences largest department with over 3,000 students and has its own campus located in downtown Wiesbaden. The campus is made up of a representative mid-nineteenth century building connected via a courtyard to the Dieter-Fladung building: a purpose-built complex of buildings with a well-equipped library featuring all today's media, an attractive refectory and lecture halls, seminar rooms and IT laboratories. The faculty ensures that the preconditions are met for student life in a stylish, cool atmosphere including WiFi and everything else that goes with it.

I'd be glad to welcome you as a prospective student and invite you to meet the challenges of a degree program at our faculty. Recent rankings show that Wiesbaden Business School is one of Germany's leading business administration faculties at universities of applied sciences, and number one in the state of Hesse. We look forward to coaching you towards success in your studies and work – and that's a promise!

Prof. Dr. Stefan Jugel
- Dean -

Who do we want to be?

The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences aims to be one of the leading universities for applied sciences in Germany, recognized for its in-depth academic and professional teaching and for its applied research which is closely linked to it. As students, employees and academic staff we work together to reach this goal.

How do we want to achieve this?

  • We design modern degree programs that qualify our students to carry out their professions and help to enhance their personal development. We promote excellence in teaching.
  • We regard ourselves as an open university that ensures and supports broad-based access to our study program.
  • We set up the appropriate framework conditions for applied research, which is recognized by the scientific community and society at large.
  • By providing training opportunities for our academic staff we support sharing and exchanging between academia and professional practice, and act as a bridge to society and the world of work.
  • We have strong regional ties in the Rhine-Main region and enhance the university's international outloo.
  • As a family-friendly university we provide assistance in balancing studies and careers with family life.

How do we interact with each other?

  • We encourage and expect our students and staff to demonstrate personal commitment.
  • We treat each other in a way that demonstrates reliability, integrity, openness, a solution-oriented approach and a willingness to assume responsibility. At the same time, our interaction is based on the principles of solidarity, partnership, respect and regard for others.
  • The university administration works in a service-oriented manner to aid the faculties in achieving their goals.
  • We uphold ethical standards in both how we treat each other and in scientific practice. We take on board responsibility for the consequence of our actions.
  • We embrace the university's democratic and participative traditions.

This mission statement serves as a basis for implementing our strategies and goals and is reviewed and updated at regular intervals.

Total number of students3053
- female / male60 % / 40 %
- foreign students16 %
- Professors54
- Full-time lecturers11
- Part-time lecturers104

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The Wiesbaden Business School is located at the Bleichstrasse / Bertramstrasse campus in Wiesbaden, Germany.

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