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After your Bachelor's degree, you can either go straight into practice or gain further qualifications on the 3-semester Master's degree program "Screen Arts M.A.".


B.A. Media: Conception & Production Curriculum (regulation 2024)


Students with recognised vocational training have the option of starting in the 2nd semester and skipping the 3rd semester with the professional internship.

Would you like to find out more about each individual semester? Then read through the semester descriptions.


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From now on, it's your talent that counts!

Take part in the M:C&P Talent Day and take the opportunity to show your creativity.

With our new admission method, which focuses on talent and passion instead of grades, we offer you a unique opportunity to get your dream place and study in an environment that rewards creativity and performance. 


What does this mean exactly? 

This change in our admissions policy will come into effect from the winter semester 2024/2025 and means that we will now focus exclusively on your individual talent and passion. The traditional consideration of pure grades takes a back seat, while we are looking for creative minds who stand out for their skills and enthusiasm.


Would you like to apply for the M:C&P Talent Day?

Great, we look forward to seeing you!


Application process

Step 1
Register for the Talent Day in the application portal of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences by 27th May 2024 for the winter semester 2024/2025 or by 27th November 2024 for the summer semester 2025
When you register, you must upload a "structuring sheet" in which you assess yourself. The sheet is still in progress and can be downloaded here as soon as it is ready. 


Step 2
Once you have received your invitation letter, you can join us on campus for the Talent Day in the middle/end of June. Please note that non-attendance or late arrival is a criterion for exclusion. 


Step 3

Create your introduction video before you come to the Talent Day. Read more about the content of the video on the Talent Day landing page under "What tasks await you".


Step 4
If you have successfully completed all tasks during the Talent Day, you will receive your "Golden Ticket", which you can use to enrol with us for the following semester.

Step 5
Don't forget: Once you have received a letter of admission, you must apply for enrolment in the application portal and upload your confirmation of successful completion of the Talent Day.



Do you want to find out more about the Talent Day?

Then visit our Talent Day landing page, where you will find all the information and insights into the day.


Would you like to speak to us personally?

We will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have about the content of your degree program, choosing the right course, applying, starting a higher semester, Talent Day, etc. 

You can easily join us online without pre-registration on the following dates: 

Tuesday, 28th February 2024 
17:00 - 17:30
come to Marie's Zoom room: https://hs-rm.zoom-x.de/my/marie.kremski

Wednesday, 13th March 2024
17:00 - 17:30
come to Prof. Aymar's Zoom room: https://hs-rm.zoom-x.de/my/claudia.aymar

Tuesday, 26th March 2024 
17:00 - 17:30
come to Marie's Zoom room: https://hs-rm.zoom-x.de/my/marie.kremski

Wednesday, 10th April 2024
17:00 - 17:30
come to Prof. Aymar's Zoom room: https://hs-rm.zoom-x.de/my/claudia.aymar


Have you already successfully completed an apprenticeship in the media sector or a vocational college with an internship? Then you have the opportunity to skip two semesters!



What do I need?

  • University entrance qualification 
  • Successfully completed apprenticeship in a media profession or a vocational college with an internship 
  • English language skills at B1 level (at least 6 years of school English with a grade of "sufficient" or a certified language test) 

How can I apply? 

Even if you have completed an apprenticeship, you still have to go through our Talent Day. You apply on the university's application portal and must select that you are applying for the second semester during the registration process. 
Once you have submitted all the required documents, you will be invited to the Talent Day. Don't worry, it will be easy for you if you already completed an apprenticeship! As soon as you have received the certificate that you have successfully participated in the Talent Day, you can enrol in the application portal. Make sure that you select the 2nd semester during the enrolment process! 

The following apprenticeships have been recognised so far: 

  • Media designer image/sound
  • Media designer digital and print
  • Specialists as event technicians
  • Event management assistants
  • Marketing communications specialists
  • Audiovisual media specialists
  • Digital and print media specialists
  • Vocational college in the media sector including or plus internship


Submit all documents relating to your apprenticeship or internship with your application. You can clarify in advance whether your apprenticeship can be recognised by contacting the RheinMain study office. The colleagues in the study office will help you with all questions relating to your application. For more information, take a look in the entry requirements. Make sure you apply for the correct semester in the application portal!


Application for the 1st semester without completed apprenticeship

If you have not yet completed an apprenticeship in the media sector, you can apply regularly for the 1st semester.


You will need

  • University entrance qualification 
  • English language skills at B1 level (at least 6 years of school English with a grade of "sufficient" or a certified language test)


Dear first-semester students of the summer semester 2024, 

You may be wondering why our website looks different now than it did when you applied. This is because we have new examination regulations from the coming winter semester.
Examination regulations are, so to speak, the framework on which the degree program is built. New examination regulations therefore mean that a few small things have changed compared to the old examination regulations. For example, the order of the courses is different, but the content remains the same. In addition, the Talent Day now counts towards acceptance onto the degree program and no longer the grades. 

None of this will give you any disadvantages or advantages compared to future students - your degree program will simply be subject to different examination regulations. 

If you want to know what the course of study under the old examination regulations actually looks like, take a look at the course of study of the regulations of 2019

If anything is unclear, please get in touch with us!


Discover the world and broaden your horizons!

In today's interconnected realm of perspectives and media across borders, content producers have a huge responsibility. Content, technologies and markets influence each other globally. That is why it is important to think outside the box - both academically and personally. Intercultural skills are a clear advantage on the labour market and increase your chances of an international career.

That's why a stay abroad in the 6th semester is a must.

You can study at one of our partner universities in Europe or worldwide. You can also choose your own university abroad as a "freemover". Alternatively, you also have the option of completing a 16-week internship abroad.

A stay abroad offers you fantastic opportunities. You will get to know new cultures, develop intercultural competences and expand your professional skills. Imagine how exciting it will be to study at an international university and work with students from all over the world. You will make new friends, improve your language skills and gain valuable personal experience. 


Take a look at the list of our partner universities.

You can also find more information on the topic of "studying abroad" as well as information on scholarship programs and the "Auslands-BaföG" (student loans abroad) on the website of the International Office of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.

The internationalisation project "Global Design & Media CoSpace" also offers exciting opportunities for scholarships. 


State-of-the-art technical equipment

You can bring your creative ideas to life in our modern facilities. We offer you cutting-edge equipment with two live studios, numerous cameras, including Arri Alexas and over 42 editing suites. Here you can put what you have learnt into practice using industrial standards.



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The video "Make your move" shows an insight into the degree program Media: Conception & Production.
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Our studios are the central facility of the degree program. We offer you a large HD-capable studio and a brand new video studio with state-of-the-art 4K video technology. You can record programs for television or produce film scenes in front of a green screen under realistic conditions. There is also a picture control room at your disposal. In the studio, you will acquire practical qualifications and can realise various production options, such as live productions, post-production or live streaming.


Recording studio 

We have a recording studio with digital audio control for professional audio recording and post-production. Here you can make live mixes, record audio for video productions, carry out post-production and create sound effects for multimedia productions. The production of music with live elements is also possible.


AV, film and video production 

Our labs for AV, film and video production are equipped with more than 40 editing suites. Here you can design and edit graphics, images and sound using the range of the Adobe Creative Cloud.


We have the ideal facilities for you to realise your creative projects and develop your media technology skills. We look forward to supporting you in our inspiring environment!


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Impressions of the ARRI Alexa.
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First place in the "Local Short Film Competition" category at the FILMZ Festival // M:C&P

Greta Breitländer and Laura Avemarie, both graduates of Media: Conception & Production B.A., won the prize for the best local short film at the FILMZ Festival with their graduation film "Bleiente". 
"Six-year-old Luise has one goal: to learn to swim. Her grandad is there to help. He takes on the task with great enthusiasm. There's just one problem - he can't swim and he admits it to himself even less."

Fluxus - art that connects and knows no boundaries

Fluxus is a joint project by Media: Conception & Production, the Hessisches Staatsballett and the AMD - Akademie Mode & Design
Our teams work together to develop projects that are performed by the dancers, dressed by the fashion designers and filmed by the M:C&P students. The results were presented as part of the Wiesbadener Kultursommer 2023.

First place at visionale 2022 in the "Young Professionals - Media" category // CMC

In the Young Professionals category, Marie Kremski, a graduate of the Media: Conception & Production and Screen Arts (formerly Creative Media Conception) won 1st prize in the 34th edition of the Hessischen JugendMedienFestivals visionale 2022 with her project "WiesBilder - Kamerafabrik Wirgin".

Major presence at visionale 2022

At visionale 2022, several projects of Media: Conception & Production were present.
The films "Awake" by Frederik Schulte and Jannik Paluschtzik, "Keys" by Raúl Martín Rosa and Joel Günther, "Femalens" by Rebecca Pawolka and Katharina Zweck and "Kamerafabrik Wirgin" by Marie Kremski were presented to a large audience.

Two festivals and an award for Sonja Willeke // M:C&P

Sonja Willeke was nominated at two film festivals with her poetry video from the first semester "Nuclear Priest:ess", at one of which she even won second prize in the jury classification.  The film was first shown at the Harzmovinale and then at the Kunstgriff Rolle Festival, where it won second prize in the jury classification.

Second place at the European Movie Award 2022 // M:C&P

Our students Lara Pavlovic and Tim Seibert travelled to Munich as one of 11 finalist teams for the "MoviEUnited - European Video Award". In the old IMAX cinema of the Deutsches Museum, the technically very different moving image works from all regions of Germany flickered across the screen under the motto: "How will EU shape your future?".
Christine Rothe, jury member and production manager at Constantin Film, presented the 2nd prize of €1.500 to the two students.


Special prize at the Filmschoolfest Munich // M:C&P

The production FIGHT FAST FASHION by our students Miriam Welcker and Lili Zwirner won 1st prize in the special category "Climate Clips" at FILMSCHOOLFEST MUNICH 2021.



Study program office

Ms. Meike Jäger
Phone: +49 611 9495 2258

Ms. Celia Kubiczeck
Phone: +49 611 9495 2125

Email: sekretariat-mcp(at)remove-this.hs-rm.de

Opening hours of the secretary's office:

Mo - Thu:     9am - 2pm
Fr:                  9am - 12pm

During the semester break:
Tue - Thu:    9am - 12pm


Visitor address:

Unter den Eichen 5
65195 Wiesbaden 
Building C South, 2nd floor, room C268


Our professors & staff


Introductory event - summer semester 2024

The introductory event for the summer semester 2024 will take place on 16th & 17th April 2024 at the campus "Unter den Eichen". 


How does the study program look like in detail?

Take a look at the module handbook of the regulations 2024.


What technical equipment do I need for this degree program?

In general, the degree program provides you with all the equipment you need. You can work in our work spaces at any time during lecture periods. There are iMacs and Mac studios available. All equipment (cameras, microphones, etc.) is provided by the degree program. Having your own laptop to run the Adobe applications is of course an advantage. Make sure that you buy a computer that has enough power. You can find more information about the required computer performance on the Adobe website.


How can I get in touch with other students?

You can get in touch with our social media team via our Instagram channel. The team consists of students and can get you in touch with further contacts.


Where can I find project examples done by students of the degree program?

You can find examples of the student's work on our Vimeo channel and on YouTube.


Is there a welcome event for new students?

Yes, the introductory event always takes place in the first week of lectures at the campus "Unter den Eichen".


What is the best way to contact the degree program?

1) Email: sekretariat-mcp(at)remove-this.hs-rm.de
2) Phone:                  +49 611 9495 2125
                                    +49 611 9495 2258