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What is it?

Located in the Rhine-Main media hub, the Bachelor's degree program in Media: Conception & Production trains students to become specialists in the field of audiovisual media, multimedia events and interactive “worlds of experience”experience worlds. The practice-oriented degree program qualifies graduates for a career in media sectors such as advertising, communication, film, television, education and culture.

Expressing one's own ideas through images, words and sound has lost nothing of its fascination since the invention of the cinematograph. Today, technologies, markets and forms of expression are changing faster than ever before. To be successful, sound knowledge and understanding of current trends are essential - as well as practical skills that mature through further practice.

The degree program Media: Conception & Production is based on a unique concept that combines academic knowledge with practical know-how of the design, organization and production of audiovisual media solutions.

Students acquire fundamental academic knowledge of design, technology and organization in lectures and seminars. Right from the start, students use tutorials and projects to create their own work and in doing so familiarize themselves with the entire range of audiovisual tools - from recording technology and editing software right up to the final presentation to an audience.

The degree program gives students the freedom to develop and implement their own concepts under professional guidance. This requires and promotes a high degree of personal initiative. The integrated semester abroad opens up unique intercultural perspectives for personal development.

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What can I do with it?

The interdisciplinary approach leads to a high level of interdisciplinary competence and opens up career opportunities in many sectors such as film, television, advertising, communication, education and culture. Graduates of the degree program Media: Conception & Production are qualified to take on conceptual and production engineering tasks in the fields of broadcasting companies, media and web agencies, production companies, corporate communications, event management, etc. The integrated semester abroad also opens up international career opportunities.


For degree-seeking students: detailed information on admission requirements, application deadlines, etc. can be found on the German page. (72118)

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Key facts

Study location

Wiesbaden, Unter den Eichen Campus

Standard period of study

7 semester

Main language of instruction

German - We offer courses in English for exchange students (30 CP).

Accreditation agency


Commencement of studies

Winter and summer semester


Our i-Punkt at the Kurt-Schumacher-Ring Campus is there to answer all your questions about studying and applying. For further information you can contact Professor Claudia Aymar directly.

Technical equipment

The course's modern facilities include a live studio, numerous cameras and over 42 editing workspaces, and enable students to apply knowledge gained from exercises, field trips and a project semester. Working in teams, students use the facilities to develop new media formats from the initial idea to the complete production and public airing at the "Media Showroom Night". 



On 95 square meters, the HD-capable studio allows the recording of TV shows and production of films scenes under realistic working conditions. Besides the studio, the student production teams can also use a video control room. Being trained in a studio provides the students with another practice-oriented qualification.

The technical equipment allows for the following production options:

  • Live production from the video studio with studio cameras and different playback devices
  • Offline post-production
  • Stand-alone operation with its own audio mixing unit or live streaming
  • Interconnection with the sound control room

Sound Studio

Digital audio control for applications such as:

  • live mixing, recordings from the video or sound studio
  • audio support for the video control room
  • post-production
  • sound effects for multi-media production
  • MIDI-based production of music with live elements

Audio-Visual, Film & Video Production 

The audio-visual, film and video production labs are all equipped with several editing workplaces for non-linear video-editing and post-processing of audio-visual productions. The range of Adobe software includes all the important programs for designing and processing images, pictures and sound.   

An academic degree program and practical training go hand in hand in the Media: Conception & Production course. Prof. Wolfgang Schiffler, an initiator of the course: "The degree program is the perfect symbiosis of practically-oriented studying and design and technology-related knowledge." Besides the university's professors, experienced adjunct instructors from journalism, film production, event management or media law hold lectures and supervise practical work.

The standard period of study is six semesters. 

Applicants who have successfully completed a media apprenticeship may apply to have it recognized in lieu of the first two semesters. 

In the first semester students learn the practical basics over three modules.

The second semester is divided into seminars and an internship.

The third semester teaches broad-based theoretic and specialized knowledge in design, 

During the fourth semester theory is linked to practice in the area of event management and media production. 

The focus of the practical module is on the design and creation of new media formats and media productions. The presentations take place at the end of each semester at the well attended Media Showroom Night. Numerous examples of work can be seen here:  

In the fifth semester students can study at one of the course's many partner universities. Alternatively students can opt for an internship abroad. During this time, students write two academic papers in the area of design and technology.

The sixth semester consists, in equal parts, of a practical final piece of work and an academic paper (Bachelor's thesis). Students' final pieces of work is often carried out with partners from industry. Support is provided for experimental work that examines or researches innovative media productions.  

The Bachelor's degree in Media: Conception & Production consists of a total of 15 consecutive modules. Details can be found in the Examination Regulations.

A detailed overview of the individual modules can be found in the module handbook. Subject to change.


Courses for Incoming students

During our fourth semester, we offer a selection of English language courses for international students from our partner universities.

The focus of the practical Media production module is on the design and creation of new media formats and media productions. The presentations take place at the end of each semester at the well attended Media Showroom Night. Numerous examples of work can be viewed here: 


Here you find a description of the courses. Download English Courses

For further informations to apply for a semester at our program at RhineMain University please contact our International Office.

Media: Conception & Production International

Content producers bear a high responsibility in the boundless world of opinions and media. Content, technologies and markets are increasingly impacting each other across the world. This makes looking beyond one's horizons all the more important – not only from an academic, but also from a personal perspective. What's more, having intercultural skills is a clear plus for the labor market and improves the chance to begin an international career. 

This is why a semester abroad is an obligatory component of the Media: Conception & Production degree program.

If you're interested in an exchange or a partnership with our degree program, please contact the Degree Program Head, Prof. Claudia Aymar.

We're involved in the Erasmus program and also have many international bilateral agreements.  

You can find an overview of the partner universities of our study programme here:

Further general information for students from abroad can be found on the website of our International Office at

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Media Showroom Night

The degree course is very practically oriented and places high emphasis on students creating media projects from the initial idea to presenting and airing them. The Media Showroom Night already has cult status for its fantastic presentations that are held during the fourth semester. The students' project partner in the 2015/2016 winter semester was the Wiesbaden Fire Department. Exciting clips to present the Fire Department through audiovisual media were created in a total of 17 film projects. A corporate design strategy with social media applications was also produced. The Media Showroom Night was held on February 12, 2016 in the Wiesbaden Kurhaus hall and was streamed live in the Internet.  

The summer semester Media Showroom Night was held on July 15, 2016 at the Unter den Eichen campus.  Upcoming Media Showrrom at February 10th, 2017 Unter den Eichen campus. 

Current information can always be found on our facebook fanpage and is also announced here.  

All the pieces of work can be viewed on our webseite at:

Degree Programm Head

Prof. Claudia Aymar 

Student Services Office

Ms. Nicole Heitzhausen
Ms. Meike Jäger
Telephone: +49 611 9495-2125
E-mail: sekretariat-mcp(at)
Telefax: +49 611 9495-2152

Opening Hours of the Student Services Office Building C right, second floor, room C268

Mon. - Thurs.: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. and 13:15 p.m. - 14:15 p.m.
Fri.: 09:00 - 12:00 

Semester break: Tues. - Thurs.: 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. 

Hochschule RheinMain
Media Degree Program: Conception & Production
Unter den Eichen 5
65195 Wiesbaden  

Media Conception & Production Degree Program Support

  • Prof. Wolfgang Schiffler (Chair of Examination Board)
  • Prof. Steffen Böttrich (Evaluation Coordinator)

Internal Faculty Student Committee of Conception & Production
E-Mail: dekanat-dcsm(at)

General Information on Study Organization at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences
Applying for a semester abroad at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences International Office

Prof. Claudia Aymar | claudia.aymar(at)    | 0049 611 9495 2144

Prof. Steffen Böttrich | Steffen.Böttrich(at)    | 0049 611 9495 2102

Frau Nicole Heitzhausen | Nicole.Heitzhausen(at)    | 0049 611 9495 2125

Herr Thorsten Rosche | Thorsten.Rosche(at)    | 0049 611 9495 2137

Prof. Wolfgang Schiffler | Wolfgang.Schiffler(at)    | 0049 611 9495 2151

Herr Tilman Schwarz | Tilman.Schwarz(at)    | 0049 611 9495 2160

Visiting professors:

Prof. Carl Bergengruen
Lehrbeauftragter Filmwirtschaft

Nico Eimermacher
Lehrbeauftragter Medienproduktion

Johanna Fischer-Zernin
Lehrbeauftragter Mediengestaltung

Thomas Holzmann
Lehrbeauftragter Projektmanagement

Arthur Landwehr
Lehrbeauftragter Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Journalismus

Walter Mäcken
Lehrbeauftragter Veranstaltungsorganisation und Recht

Stephan Schlentrich
Lehrbeauftragter Journalimus/ Medientheorie

Ron Spiess
Lehrauftrag Schauspielführung

Ekkehardt Stein
Lehrbeauftragter Medienrecht

Alexander Talmon
Lehrbeauftragter Medienrecht