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Division Head

Birgit Klose
Telefon: +49 611 9495-1570
E-Mail: Birgit.Klose(at)
Raum KSR A124

The division is divided into four subject areas. You can find further information about their responsibilities and fields of activities by clicking on the links in the menu on the right-hand side.

Student Counseling Office (Subject.Area I.1)

Admissions Office (Subject Area I.2)

International Office  (Subject.Area I.3)

University Sports (Subject.Area I.4)

Division II is in charge of budget, financial planning, construction management and maintenance. It is divided into four areas, for instance Financial Planning and SAP Support.

Divison Head

Volker Wiest
Room: A 409
Phone: +49 611 9495-1141
E-mail: volker.wiest(at)

Acting Divison Head

Dr. Petra Kreis-Hoyer
Office: Building H, First Floor, Room 107
Phone: +49 611 9495-2508
E-mail: petra.kreis-hoyer(at)

Hochschule RheinMain
Unter den Eichen 5
65195 Wiesbaden

Department VI focuses on supporting research financed by public funds and economic contract research and includes the subject areas Technology, Knowledge Transfer and Research Funding.

Division Head

Dr. Dieter Manthey
Unter den Eichen 5, Building F - Officio III, Second Floor, Room 10
Telefon: +49 611 9495-1191
E-mail: Dieter.Manthey(at)

Department VII is responsible for target group oriented communication and presenting the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, in addition to managing all the communication processes between the university and the various stakeholder groups.

Division Head

Andrea Peters
Unter den Eichen 5, Haus F-III 1.OG, Room 14
Phone: +49 611 9495-1616 
E-Mail: andrea.peters(at)

The RheinMain university has a process-oriented quality management system that encompasses all the university's organizational units. The units can utilize the system aided by a web-based QM portal.

Quality Management Officer

Karin Eich-Stapf
Office: Building H, First Floor, Room 109
Telephone: +49 611 9495-1501
Telefax: +49 611 4446-96
E-Mail: karin.eich-stapf(at)

Hochschule RheinMain
Unter den Eichen 5
65195 Wiesbaden