At a glance

Project name

Global Design & Media CoSpace


Design Computer Science Media


Prof. Claudia Aymar

Project Staff

Emili Schäfer
Judith Hayer
Meike Jäger
Tabea Färber-Schwert
Dr. Shirley Roth


1.1.2021 - 31.12.2024

Funding institution or client


Project description

Supported by the project, four existing, very good partnerships in the study area of Design & Media are to be further expanded into a close network and transferred into a sustainable teaching structure. The goal is the creation of international digital formats and processes up to the development of a joint international study portal. Through the different focal points, the participating students should improve their linguistic and intercultural skills and acquire additional interdisciplinary skills. At the same time, teachers and university staff will receive further training in language and intercultural skills in order to better support and advise international students. The aim is to transfer the experience gained in this specific project to other study programs and departments towards the end of the project in order to create similar structures there.

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