Audio Technology


The audio lab provides a platform for student projects in the field of audio and studio technology as well as audio post production for video and film. Furthermore, it serves as an environment for research and develpment projects within the area of media technology.

Infos about the audio lab
Infos about research and development


  • ProTools HD audio workstation
  • various synthesizers and effect processors
  • development tools for audio electronics and software development


  • audio technology
  • selected areas of media technology
  • student projects
  • audio coding, storage, and transmission
  • final theses


Campus Wiesbaden, Unter den Eichen

Prof. Dr. Klaus Michael Indlekofer
Tel.: +49 6142 898-4244 or -4654 or -2113
E-Mail: michael.indlekofer(at)

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Koch
Tel.: +49 611 9495-2121
E-Mail: michael.koch(at)

A View of Our Audio Workstation