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Wiesbaden, the state capital of Hesse, has a lot to offer. It stands out thanks to its varied cultural offerings and leisure activities. Tourists are not only enchanted by the wide range of beautiful parks, in particular the spa gardens, but also by the picturesque old town. On the weekend, many live bands perform gigs and bring even more life to the city center. In the summertime, there are numerous street festivals and an open air cinema. Wiesbaden boasts a diverse and vibrant nightlife that appeals to all tastes. There are numerous possibilities to have a night out. Whether you check out a student party or a trendy bar, an after-work-party or a salsa night, there is always something going on. Another very famous Wiesbaden attraction is the traditional casino with the nearby spa gardens. Wiesbaden is also known for its wide variety of sporting activities. Whether on foot, bike or inline skates, Wiesbaden is the place to be for outdoor enthusiasts. And don't miss the weekly skate night, which is an absolute must!

Directly next to Wiesbaden is Mainz, a marvelous university city. If you’re still looking for more after Wiesbaden, you’ll find your wishes met in Mainz. Thanks to its 32,000 students, Mainz boasts several student parties every week. The city even has an open air cinema and a go-kart track. The university pool party and the genuine sand beach along the banks of the river Rhine entice every lover of summer. Last but not least, Mainz hosts a very popular Carnival celebration, known throughout the world, in February. During the Carnival season, the whole city is on the go and the downtown turns into a showcase of colorful hustle and bustle.


TEAM Institution Identification code D WIESBAD01
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Fax: +49 611 9495-3101
Director of International Relations Mrs Marina Grusevaja (Prof. Dr.)
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Contact Person for Incomings Mrs Isabelle Meissner
Phone: +49 611 9495-3107
Contact Person for Outgoings


Frau Blanca Beutler

Institutional Hochschule RheinMain
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International Office
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Contact Person for Incomings
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accommodation, enrolment, visa)
Mrs Tanja Bauer
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We (Zahra, Nina and Julian) are the Incoming Coordinators. That means: we are your contact persons for any kind of problem.

We organize weekly activities and some excursions for the incoming students during the semester. We'd like to have a chance to get to know each other a bit better and of course to have a lot of fun together. We are also available in our office three times a week during the lecture period to answer your questions personally. You can find us in room E-02, business department, Bleichstraße 44, it´s when you enter the old building on the right side.

Our current office hours will be held virtually. The office hours are held on Monday from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m., Wednesday from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m and on Thursday from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. Please get in touch with us via mail and we will send you a link to our chosen communication plattform.

Further information will be given during the welcome week. If you have any kinds of questions, just contact us!

E-Mail: ic-wbs(at)

Follow us on Instagram: @icwbs

The university will be a big part of your student life here and in order for you to get a feeling of it we interviewed some of our lovely students. Here you can read about their experiences at the WBS.

Marianne from Mexico and Donata from Spain told us about their very interactive marketing class, where they have to work together with a real company, which in their case is Share, a social retailer company. They are assisting the company in their marketing plan and their goal to become an international company, by firstly analyzing their marketing concept for the German market and then to develop their further marketing program, for the rest of Europe, in aspects of communication, distribution and pricing. Currently they are working in a group of six and they will have a presentation by the end of the semester. 

Sofiia from Ukraine is also involved in different group projects and presentations, which she likes to work on either in the internal yard at the WBS in summer or in the library, where she can study together with her group in small rooms without any disturbance. 

Another project Marta from Spain is currently working on is a presentation about a different country, of her choosing, where she has to point out cultural differences in the day to day life and how business is made, if somebody would travel there. Of course there are also typical “non-project” lectures at the WBS, which Alex from Russia is a big fan of, as he told us that they are his favorite lectures, in his student life, so far. And he already studied in three other countries! 

As you can see the Wiesbaden Business School is very diverse in the kind of lectures it is offering and always tries to be as close to reality as possible. Each one can find a learning style, which is fitting them and explore the many things, which are offered here.




Surely you have heard of the 9€ Ticket that was available in the three months of summer 2022, which greatly facilitated the transportation of approximately 52 million people, not only to work, but also to take the opportunity to travel around Germany and get to know many new places. According to the data, approximately one billion trips have been made with the ticket. At the same time, a saving of 1.8 million tons of CO2 could be achieved in just three months.

This effect is about the same as if there had been a speed limit on German freeways for a whole year! After this good news Germany started planning to implement a similar ticket which becomes the 49-euro-ticket. For now it is known that the 49-Euro-Ticket will be available for purchase online on the app in digital form or by buying the card. 

The idea is that it will be on sale to the general public by January 2023, where it will be possible to travel on all public transport throughout Germany, with the exception of the ICE, IC and EC high-speed trains. The ticket subscription can be canceled on a monthly basis.  Which means that you can visit all of the most famous German cities for just 49€ a month! 

Another very useful fact is the fact that we have Frankfurt International Airport quite close to us. So if you feel like exploring Europe you don't have to worry about a long trip to any airport. Frankfurt has pretty cheap flights to most destinations in Europe as it sits at the center of it. 

So all in all if you like to travel during your semester abroad, Wiesbaden may just be the place for you.

Recommended is the Nuremberg Christmas Market, which is one of the most famous and oldest in the world. The Christkindlesmarkt attracts more than two million visitors every year, served by 200 selected merchants. Here you will find the typical wooden stalls offering many German delicacies, including sweet treats such as gingerbread or roasted almonds, but also salty foods such as bratwurst.

The Christkindlesmarkt is no stranger to integration and proves it through its partnerships with a total of 13 cities, which give it an international touch and help raise money for charities in the twin cities through their mostly handmade Christmas decorations! With this and many other offerings such as concerts or special Christmas exhibitions, you can experience German Christmas in the best way possible.

If you have always wanted to visit Cologne, this Christmas would be a great opportunity to do so! This irresistible city is visited by many tourists throughout the year, both for the famous Köln Cathedral and for the large and beautiful buildings that shine in impressive illumination at Christmas time. Cologne has eight Christmas markets on both sides of the river, so you can explore several places without missing a typical glass of mulled wine. It's also a city full of history and museums to explore, and there are plenty of contemporary art scenes not to be missed out on!

If you feel like exploring even bigger cities and more in northern Germany, Hamburg is the perfect trip for you. Although it's a bit further away than the cities mentioned above, there are 15 Christmas markets there with many different stalls offering a wide variety to suit all tastes. From the Toy Street, which is full of fun things to do, to the Hamburg City Hall Markets with handmade decorations. Not to forget the ceramics made by local artists or the Tyrolean woodcarvers that make the city's markets even more attractive and interesting.

The Christmas parade with Santa Claus and his reindeers is also a must in Hamburg! However, if you don’t want to travel too far away, there are Christmas markets, exhibitions and shows all over Germany and accessible to everyone who’s willing to visit!



Question: Hello Nicole, please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Answer: My name is Nicole Sosa and I come from the Dominican Republic, from the Caribbean. I study International Business Management and I'm already in my last year, which means I will be finished with university next year. After I finish university I would like to come back to Germany and work here or do a masters degree.


Question: You already have been in Germany for a few months. How was it for you to adjust to German culture ? Anything that surprised you ? 

Answer: It was not my first time in Germany but there are still some differences. In general Germany is very different from my country, the weather alone is a lot colder haha. That is of course something that you have to adapt to. Also the people are a bit different here, they seem to be a little bit more cold, but i didn't mean it in a bad way as i think that you just have to break the initial ice with them. In all, I like the life here a lot.


Question: How were the first few weeks of university for you ? 

Answer: It is a nice but also challenging experience, especially as I wanted to have my classes in german. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to understand everything and to follow the lectures but I think it is a good thing, as in this way I can learn the language much faster. The other international students should have it easier with their classes held in english haha. I also like most of the professors here as they are very open and we can talk to them even in private, if we have a problem.


Question: Could you guide us through a normal university week for you? 

Answer: I have classes from Monday till Wednesday. On Mondays I have university almost the whole day, on Tuesdays just in the morning and Wednesday until the afternoon. The rest of the week I'm either learning, doing errands or working. On the weekends I like to travel and visit my friends in other parts of Germany. 


Question: You also attended the WBS Autumn School. Could you tell us about your experience ? 

Answer: The autumn school is a series of presentations during a week about a selected topic, which in my case was European law. It was given by different professors of the Wiesbaden Business School online. We could ask questions and give comments during the meetings and I liked it a lot. It was actually one of the things, which convinced me to come to Wiesbaden, because I loved the way the lectures were held. It was very clear and organized and there were always huge interactive parts.


Question: How is your connection with your Buddy (an assigned German student, which helps the incoming students in their day to day life) and other Germans ?

Answer: My Buddy is a huge help for me. I can meet her after lectures and ask her, when I don't understand something or if I have questions. Through her I also met other Germans and she helped me a lot in the beginning. 


Questions: What were some of the highlights during your time here? 

Answer: I really love nature here in Germany, especially now in autumn when all the leaves are very colorful. It is like experiencing nature in a totally different way from the way I know it in my home. I also like the group projects in the university a lot as they give you an inside into the real business world.


Question: Is there any advice you would give to future students who come to Wiesbaden ? 

Answer: Prepare for it. It is going to be a new and nice experience but also a challenging one. Things that you don't expect to be different from your home country can be totally different and you need to be open to new things. Also try to come in contact with German culture as fast as possible, even before you come. You can do it very well with YouTube videos.


Ice-skating at the Eissporthalle in Frankfurt is a must for both Germans and foreigners! 

You can skate outside while seeing the stars in the evening as well as skating indoors. It’s the perfect way of spending your time with your friends and loved ones.

You can spend as much time as you want there for 5€. Make sure to bring your ice-skates or just get some at the loan for a couple of euros. And of course don’t forget to wear comfy and warm clothes. The perfect day in the winter season could start with Ice-skating & some hot chocolate and end with a walk through the christmas market in either Wiesbaden or Frankfurt. So let’s go, make the best out of your christmas-time in Germany!


Dates and Deadlines for Upcoming Semesters

Note: the dates and deadlines at the Wiesbaden Business School differ from the university's Academic Calendar. Classes are beginning and ending earlier for the better purpose of internships and a semester abroad.

Academic Calendar (global)

  for Summer Semester for Winter Semester
Nomination Deadline for Exchange Students 15.11. 15.5.
Registration Deadline for Exchange Students 30.11. 31.5.
→ all documents must be uploaded before 30.11. 31.5.
German intensive course (2 weeks) middle of March middle of September
Semester dates 1.4. - 30.9. 1.10. - 31.3.
Lecture period April - July October - January
Semester break Easter (4 days) Christmas (1 week)
Examination registration End of April End of October
Main Examination period (3 weeks) July/August January/February

Useful Links: Application / Get prepared

We know that the first weeks in a new environment are not always easy. That's why Wiesbaden Business School offers the Buddy Program, in which we provide you with a buddy - a fellow student - for your semester abroad. He or she will help you with all your questions and supports you during your stay abroad. He or she will also give you valuable tips for living and studying in Wiesbaden and the surrounding area, and who knows, maybe a great friendship will develop out of it!

1. How do I get from A to B?

In the area of Wiesbaden/Frankfurt the easiest way to find out when the next bus or train is leaving is the website of the RMV.

Looking to visit Berlin or Munich?
For trains all over Germany you should have a look at the website of the Deutsche Bahn.
A cheaper alternative would be to take a long distance bus, called Fernbus in Germany.

2. What is the Buddy Programm?

Before the semester starts you'll be asigned to a Buddy. A Buddy is a German student that will help you with your questions and problems. We encourage you to get in contact with your Buddy even before the semester starts (your Buddy will write you a mail) and ask him or her to pick you up at the airport upon your arrival.

At the start of the semester there will be an activity called 'Meet your Buddy' which is organised by us, the Incoming Coordinators.

Should there be a problem with your Buddy please contact us ( so we can try to solve it or even assign you a new Buddy.

3. If I have a problem, who do I ask for help?

The first person to ask for help should always be your Buddy. If he or she can't help you, you can always ask us ( or visit us during our office times) and we'll try to find a solution with you and possibly Ms Meissner.

4. Where do I get relevant information throughout the semester

With the HDS acces data, which you will get after your enrollment, you can log into your StudIP account (you'll get your password send to your german address) you are automatically registered to the Newsletter of the WBS.  
With the Newsletter you get relevant information regarding the courses and lectures.

You will also regularly receive mails from us, telling you about upcoming activities or reminding you to register for the exams.

5. What do I do if I don't receive the mails from the Incoming Coordinators?

Please write us a mail ( telling us about your problem.

6. Where can I find my timetable?

During the first WBS-Info-Meeting at the beginning of the semester you will receive a list with information to all the courses taught in English.

Alternatively you can access that list here.

7. How do I find my courses?

In general you are able to take any courses that are part of the faculty WBS. We are always happy to help you with your choices.

8. How do I register for my courses?

With StudIP you can register shortly before the semester start for your lectures, in order to get all the necessary documents. You will get a guide by miss Meissner beforehand.

9. Where do I get the material relevant to my courses?

Most of the Professors upload their material to StudIP, but some also give them out at the beginning and throughout the semester.

10. How do I register for the exams?

You register via COMPASS, until the end of April (summer semester) or until the end of Oktober (winter semester).You will also get a manual by miss Meissner, which explains to you how you have to register. But don't worry, we will remind you to register in time.

Additionally you need to fill out the Course Choice Forms and give them to either us or Ms. Meissner. They act as an additional measure of safety in case something went wrong with your online registration.

11. How do I get the results of my exams?

In Germany the exams are graded from 1,0 (the best grade) to 4,0 (worst grade). Everything worse than 4,0 will be graded as 5,0 which means you have not passed the exam. The result will be send to the university in your home country and as a copy to you (via e-mail).

12. How can I view my graded exam papers?

Usually around one month before the next semester starts, every student has the possibility to view his graded exam papers. You will receive a mail telling you about exact time and place.

13. What do I do if I fail an exam?

Failed examinations can be re-taken in the examination period of the next semester after consultation under certain conditions. If you fail your exam, please contact Ms Meissner.

14. What do I do if I want to stay another semester?

First you need to ask at the university in your home country if that is possible and then ask them to write a letter to Ms Meissner with the request for an extension of your stay.
Please also visit Ms Meissner at her office or write her a mail regarding your decision.

15. How do you get from Frankfurt Airport to Wiesbaden?

Philippe (Switzerland)

My semester at Wiesbaden Business School was a great experience! The opportunity to complete a semester in Germany was a good challenge and enabled me to gain important experience for my professional and private life. I was also able to benefit from classes at the university and gain knowledge of German business and tax law. During this time I got to know a lot of great people, these acquaintances have greatly enriched the exchange and were a good opportunity to learn more about other cultures and countries. In addition, the activities organized by the incoming coordinators were an excellent opportunity to get to know the area better. Wiesbaden is a very cute city and offers many opportunities due to its proximity to Frankfurt and Mainz. I would definitely come back to Wiesbaden to study, the time here was truly a life changing experience!

Yen Li (Czech Republic) 

I remember when I had to choose an university for my exchange program and was incrediably impressed by Wiesbaden Business School. After 6 months living and studying here, I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisons I've ever made. Not only because the univesity offers an attractive study program for exchange students but also the way it enbales you to negotiate yout career-long with cognitive and social development as professional and global citizen. Apart from studying, there are plenty of other things that makes my time here even more amazing. Imagine spending your weekends in Germany visiting new places, enjoying German specialties and drinking German beer, joining parties, and meeting people from all over the world and all of them somehow become an important part of your life and you wish you could stay here longer. I'm sure you'll have so much fun, and it will be an unforgetable memory of your college years and beyond. If you're still wondering where to go for your exchange program, Wiesbaden Business School is a worthy choice and you will never regret about that. Trust me!!

Emeline (France)

My exchange semester in Wiesbaden was a great experience despite the current Corona situation.
I had the opportunity to bond with other exchange students from different campuses through online activities organized by the Incomings team and student coordinators. At the WBS, I also had the opportunity to socialize with Germans through different group projects. Wiesbaden is a very pleasant city to live in and the student pass allowed me to visit the surrounding cities very easily. 

I would recommend this exchange program at the WBS for the quality of the courses provided as well as the Incomings team who knew how to adapt to make our experience better despite the Corona.

Karolina (Russia)

My semester in Wiesbaden
Semester as an exchange student in Wiesbaden is the best thing that happened to me in my life. I had an opportunity to better know the country and German people. I met a lot of people from different parts of the world, who are now my close friends, and this is the thing I’m the most thankful for. 
When I arrived my buddy met me at the airport and helped me to ‘survive’ on my first day in a foreign country. During the semester incoming coordinators were very supportive and helped me with any question I had. They organized different activities every week to be sure exchange students are having fun while being there. Of course besides the entertainment we had classes at WBS and professors were very tolerant and gentle. Every person I met in Wiesbaden was so nice and full of kindness. Also I really loved Wiesbaden, it’s beautiful and cute city with great opportunities to travel around Europe.
If you don’t know what country to chose for your exchange program, I would recommend you to go to Wiesbaden!

Giorgia (Malta)

Having the opportunity to study and live in Wiesbaden for this semester has been such an amazing experience. I managed to make a lot of new foreign friends whilst also learning about other cultures and traditions and different lifestyles. During my semester here, I never felt alone due to the great amount of help that was always given. The international coordinators also made sure we all had a good stay here, with all the fun activities organised every week for us. Wiesbaden is also a great location and it is also a lovely city to visit, and it is very easy to get around with. I would most definitely recommend Wiesbaden to any student for their exchange semester abroad as it was an experience I will always cherish for life!

Andrea (Italy)

My experience as an erasmus student was amazing . Wiesbaden is a very cute city , different from all the big European cities , but with many opportunities to have fun. The people there were very welcoming and always ready to help you and become your friends. The international coordinators helped me to be more integrated with all the people there thanks to their activities . During this experience , I met people from all over the world , they became my new family there . Now they are my friends for life even if they live in different countries . I am very glad I chose Wiesbaden for my Erasmus , if I had to , I would do it again !