The Student Counseling Office is the first point of contact for students and prospective students with disabilities and will put you in touch with other contact persons if required. The Student Counseling Office offers students advice on questions such as

  • what to study,
  • how to organize your studies,
  • compensation for disadvantages in the admission procedure,
  • compensation for disadvantages relevant to studies and examinations, and
  • if applicable, how to finance living expenses and student assistance services.

Step-free access is available at all our premises. We carry out site visits upon request.

More information on studying with a disability or chronic illness at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is available here.

Studying with a disability or chronic illness (PDF 678 KB)

Representatives for students with disability or chronic illness

As a student at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, you can also contact the representatives for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses if you are experiencing difficulties or in the event of conflict situations.

Representative at the Wiesbaden Campuses

Professor Rüdiger Pichler


Prof. Dr. Daniel Lange

Representative at the Rüsselsheim Campus

Professor Harald Klausmann (in German only)


Advisory services offered by RheinMain University's AStA (student union) (websites in German only)

Are you suffering from disadvantages at the university due to a disability or chronic illness or other circumstances? The AStA’s Anti-Discrimination Office offers advice and counseling to all students if they have experienced discrimination and provides information on possible courses of action and where to find support.

The AStA’s Social Counseling Service can advise you on how to finance your studies: Social Counseling Service

The AStA's Legal Advice Office offers free initial consultations on legal issues by a law firm during their open office hour (no appointment necessary): Social Counseling Service


Advisory services offered by Studentenwerk Frankfurt (association for student affairs)

Studentenwerk Frankfurt provides advice on questions of how to finance your studies and the availability of rooms designed for accessibility in the student housing offered by Studentenwerk Frankfurt. They also offer psychosocial counseling and courses for students on topics such as stress management or how to cope with exam nerves.

University application

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences aims to enable people with and without disabilities or a chronic illness to have full and equal access to the university. To this end, under certain conditions, prospective students can apply for compensation for disadvantages (in German only) during the admissions procedure such as an improvement of the average grade or of the waiting period.

Assistive Technology

Mikroport systems for hearing assistance

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences currently offers FM/microport hearing amplification systems for students with hearing impairments on loan on all its campuses. These can be used during classes. Students at RheinMain University can borrow the microport systems using a valid library card from the university libraries for a period of three consecutive days. The loan can be renewed repeatedly. 

Accessible housing in Wiesbaden

Various providers offer rooms designed for accessibility in and around Wiesbaden:

  • The Housing Office of the city of Wiesbaden (in German only) acts as an intermediary between the housing cooperatives and the students looking for accommodation. Subject to certain conditions, students can apply for an accessible apartment.
  • The Gesellschaft zur Unterstützung der IFB-Stiftung offers its own accessible apartments for rent in various districts in Wiesbaden and, on request, also acts as an intermediary to help students access assistance services and other services: IFB-Stiftung (in German only)
  • Some rooms designed for accessibility are also available in the student housing in and around Wiesbaden (PDF).
  • You can find more housing providers on the website Wiesbaden Barrierefrei (in German only).

Accessible housing in Rüsselsheim

  • No fully accessible rooms are available in the student housing in Rüsselsheim.
  • GEWOBAU Rüsselsheim and Baugenossenschaft Ried eG  offer accessible apartments in and around Rüsselsheim:
    GEWOBAU Rüsselsheim (in German only)
    Baugenossenschaft Ried eG (in German only)