What does DoSV mean?

The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences participates in the Dialog-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV). The aim of the DoSV is to simplify the allocation of study places in locally restricted admission (NC) courses. The procedure is coordinated by the Foundation for University Admission (Hochschulstart). For more information on DoSV, visit www.hochschulstart.de.

What is the application process for an undergraduate NC degree program?

Step 1: Registration with Hochschulstart

Register via www.hochschulstart.de. After successful registration you will receive an applicant ID (BID) and an applicant authentication number (BAN). After successful registration, the BID and BAN can be found under "My data". Make a note of your BID and BAN, as they are necessary for the online application at uni-assist

Step 2: Application via uni-assist

Submit your application for the desired degree program via the uni-assist MyA online portal. You can apply for up to three NC degree programs at RheinMain University.

Step 3: Send documents

Please send the printed "Application for Admission to Studies" together with the notarized documents in paper form to uni-assist.

Step 4: Prioritization and admission

After a positive evaluation, uni-assist will automatically forward your application in electronic form to RheinMain Hochschule, where your admission will be decided. When your application has been accepted, your data will be transferred to our Campus Management System HSRM COMPASS and you will receive your personal access data by e-mail. This is important for the further admission process.

If you have submitted several applications for NC study programs, you must prioritize them on www.hochschulstart.de in the tab "Bewerber". Since the coordination rules for the allocation of study places will apply from 08.08.2021, please prioritize by 07.08.2021. You can find detailed information about this on the Hochschulstart web site.

Regardless of the coordination rules, you have the option to actively accept an existing offer of admission. Once you have accepted an offer or once your best possible offer is converted into an admission, all other admission offers expire. This step can no longer be reversed.

Once you have received an offer of admission, you must accept it in Hochschulstart, the the admission letter is available on the application portal under HSRM COMPASS and enrollment is possible immediately. After receiving an admission offer, please note the deadlines for enrollment on the admission letter.

Important dates in the DoSV procedure

15.01./ 15.07. (31.07. for the winter semester 2021/22)

Your application in the application portal must be completed in order to participate in the procedure.

22.01./ 22.07. (07.08. for the winter semester 2021/22)

You should complete the prioritization of your applications at Hochschulstart no later than today.

23.01./ 23.07. (08.08. for the winter semester 2021/22)

As of today, the coordination rules described above take effect. You can obtain admission at any time. You must enroll within the deadline stated on the admission notice (usually 10 days) after receiving the admission. If you fail to meet this deadline, your admission will laspe.

24.02./ 24.08. (10.09. for the winter semester 2021/22)

The admission procedure is now closed.