You would like to study in Germany and do not know how to proceed? On the page of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research you can find a lot of information that can help you decide and gives many tips for preparation:

Here you can find all information about the application procedure with foreign certificates as well as information about enrollment at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.

As of now, an application for the summer semester 2023 is possible via the uni-assist applicant portal.


Regardless of your nationality, you have to apply through the uni-assist platform. uni-assist takes over the expert examination of your application documents and forwards your valid application to the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. All important information can be found at

Application for the Studienkolleg

Application for a Bachelor's degree program with restricted entrance (NC)

Application for all other programs

The uni-assist application portal for the summer intake 2023 is now open. Please apply early so that you have time to submit any missing documents, if necessary. Only a complete application submitted by the application deadline is valid. The application is an online application, you have to upload all required document in the uni-assist application portal My assist.

The general requirements for admission to a place at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences are:

A valid university entrance qualification

Depending on the country in which you have obtained the "Abitur" (or secondary school leaving certificate such as Baccalauréat, High School Certificate, Lise Diplomasi, etc.), it is necessary to check whether your certificate entitles you to study in Germany. If you want to know whether your foreign certificates entitle you to study in Germany, please have a look at the page of or at the website of uni-assist "Check: university admission".

Sufficient German language skills for studying

We require proof of the German language test for university admission DSH-2 for studying. When applying, you can submit a certificate with level B2 and will be invited to the DSH examination by email, if your application arrives in time before the examination.

You do not have to submit the proof DSH-2 or an equivalent certificate until you enroll. In our "Fact sheet German language skills" you will find more information about the other possible German certificates. Also check our website for more information about German certificates.

Meet the prerequisites for the desired degree program

Please find out about the content and admission requirements of your desired degree program BEFORE applying under 'Degree Programs'.

Meet the requirements for form and deadline when applying

  • The documents must be submitted in the original language and with a translation in German or English. The translation must be done by a sworn translator. This also applies if you have to hand in proof of internship with a list of the completed tasks.
  • You must upload all required documents (transcripts, language certificates and additional documents depending on the study program)  to the uni-assist applicant portal MyA and submit the application online by the application deadline. The uni-assist fee must also be transferred and received by the application deadline.


Application deadline for Studienkolleg

01/12/2021       for all degree programs

Application deadline for Bachelor's degree programs

15/01/2022:       for all bachelor's degree programs with restricted entrance and the program 'Social Work BASA-Online'.

01/03/2022:      for all other bachelor's degree program without restricted entrance

Application deadline for Master's degree programs

15/06/2022:       Innenarchitektur - Conceptual Design (only for a winter semester)

15/01/2022:       Master Architektur | Bauen mit Bestand, Master Baukulturerbe | Bauen mit Bestand, Master Creative Media Conception, Master Konstruktiver Ingenieurbau | Baumanagement, Master Media & Design Management, Master Umweltmanagement und Stadtplanung in Ballungsräumen (auch berufsbegleitend), alle Master der Wiesbaden Business School

01/03/2022:       all other master's degree programs

Application deadline for the DSH examination

15/01/2022:        If you would like to take part in the DSH examination, an application is required by January 15 (for all study programs except Studienkolleg).

  • Applicants who can present a certificate of assessment for direct admission to higher education with a stated average grade (according to the German grading system) from a central certificate recognition office in one of the federal states that is valid through­out Germany. Attention: the assessment notice of a university is not a generally valid notice and is usually only valid in the context of the application procedure for a specific semester at this university. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to ask us.
  • Applicants submitting a European Baccalaureate with the accompanying certificate of assessment of the European grade into a German grade;
  • Applicants who passed an assessment test at a Studienkolleg (preparatory course) in Hesse at one of the following locations: Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Kassel, Marburg;
  • Students at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences or applicants who have already received a letter of admission from RheinMain University of Applied Sciences for the same degree program in the previous semester.
  •  Applicants for a higher semester;
  • Application to one of the following bachelor programs:
    • Berufsbegleitendes Ingenieurstudium Elektrotechnik
    • Berufsbegleitendes Ingenieurstudium Maschinenbau

Please apply via HSRM COMPASS, the online portal of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.

Please note the deadlines for direct application via HSRM COMPASS (only in German).

You must submit German language skills in addition to the university entrance qualification.

All the important information about admission requirements, language skills, application procedure and enrollment for you to download

Application for Studienkolleg

Application for a bachelor's degree program

Application for a master's degree program

Checklist for required documents

Checklist Studienkolleg

Checklist bachelor programs

Checklist master programs

German proficiency

Fact sheet German language skills

Degree programs

Programs overview

Studienkolleg: focus courses for degree programs

Information Enrollment (being updated)

You can find information about the application to a higher semester here (only in German).

Do you have any questions about applying with foreign certificates?

If you have any questions about applying with a foreign certificate and the application process, please feel free to contact:

Frau Ursula Haque
Frau Laure Leuschner

Phone: +49 611 9495 1550
Monday through Thursday from 09:00 to 12:00

Consultation hours by telephone arrangement: on site or via video.

Send an e-mail
Please note the longer processing times during the application phase and refrain from calling to inquire about your email.