Architecture and Civil Engineering

Architecture: Prof. Kieferle

Civil Engineering: Prof. Dr. Plaum

Real Estate Management: Prof. Dr. Funk

Mobility Management: Prof. Bruns

Design Computer Science Media

Computer Science: Prof. Dr. Gergeleit

Interior Architecture: Prof. Kleine

Communications Design: Prof. Bernhardt

Media Management: Prof. Saenger

Media: Conception & Production: Prof. Aymar

Engineering Sciences

Information Technology and Electrical Engineering: Prof. Dr. Indlekofer

Industrial Engineering and International Management: Prof. Dr. Halbleib

Applied Mathematics: Prof. Dr. Lorenz

Mechanical Engineering: Prof. Dr. Jochum

Engineering Physics: Prof. Dr. Scheppat

Environmental Engineering: Prof. Dr. Pfeifer-Fukumura

Applied Social Sciences

Applied Social Sciences: Prof. Dr. Schulze

Wiesbaden Business School

All degree programs: Prof. Dr. GrusevajaMs. Dias (Incomings), Ms. Aun (Outgoings)