Talent Day



5 steps to your study place


Step 1

Registration for the Talent Day in the application portal of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.

The portal opens at the beginning of April. Registration for the Talent Day is possible until 27th May 2024 for the winter semester 2024/2025 (applications for the summer semester 2025 are possible from the beginning of October to 27th November 2024).

You are applying for: Künstlerische Begabtenprüfung Media: Conception & Production

When you register, you must upload a motivation questionnaire in which you assess yourself. The questionnaire is still in progress and can be downloaded here as soon as it is ready.

You must also agree to the data agreement.

Step 2

After the application deadline, you will find a personal invitation letter in the application portal with your date and further information about the Talent Day. This will take place on campus in mid-June (for the coming winter semester 2024/25) or early/mid-December (for the coming summer semester 2025).

Please note that non-attendance is an exclusion criterion.

If your plans change and you cannot make it to the Talent Day, please let us know and officially withdraw your application in the application portal.

Step 3

Create your introduction video before you come to the Talent Day. Read more about this below under "What tasks await you".

Step 4

If you successfully complete all the tasks during the Talent Day and score enough points*, you will receive a letter of admission via the application portal.

Step 5

Don't forget: If you have received a letter of admission, you must apply for enrolment in the application portal and upload your confirmation of successful completion of the Talent Day.


* Applicants without a university entrance qualification will only receive a letter of admission with outstanding artistic talent, i.e. if all parts of the examination are passed with at least 90% of the points.




How does the Talent Day work?

You will receive the exact day and time of your Talent Day in your invitation letter. Meet us at the specified time in the foyer of our degree program. Students will welcome you and lead you to the welcome room. 

You will be divided into a group of around 20 people. Our program director, Prof. Aymar, will welcome you all and explain the day's schedule. 

You will then be given a tour of the degree program, which will eventually lead you to the work space. 
All the materials and tasks will be ready for you there. Our lecturers will explain the tasks to you and then it is time to get started: Let's go! You have four hours to complete the tasks. During this time, we will pick you up one after the other for the introduction meetings. 
These will last around 20 minutes each. You will get to know a professor and a student and show the video you have made and submitted before. The subsequent discussion will take place automatically. 

Afterwards, we will take you back to the work space. When you are finished, you can take a look at the campus and the degree program on your own and talk to students and staff. 

You will be informed of the results of the Talent Day shortly afterwards via the application portal. If you receive a letter of admission, you can enrol with us for the next semester. 

We look forward to seeing you!





What tasks await you?

Please do not worry about the Talent Day. It is important to us that you primarily get to know our degree program, the campus and the teaching staff on this day before you make your choice of study. Along the way, you will do a few creative tasks and have fun. 


  1. Video
    • You must bring a video you have made to the Talent Day. As we know that you may not have much experience with this, we will make it easy for you: grab your mobile phone, think about what interesting facts there are to know about you and film yourself talking about it. Come up with something creative and surprise us with exciting camera angles, witty statements or unusual talents. 
      The video can be a maximum of 90 seconds long. Bring it to the Talent Day on a storage medium (e.g. USB stick) and make sure that you can also show it to us on your mobile phone, tablet or similar. You will show it to a team consisting of a professor and a student on the Talent Day. We would then be happy to save this file on our internal server for later evaluation. Of course, we will treat your data confidentially. 
  2. Various tasks 
    • When you are on campus with us, you will be given various tasks. We will not tell you exactly what they are at this point ;) But this much can be said: The tasks are all related to our degree program and can be solved without any prior knowledge. We will provide you with all the necessary materials and the main aim is to simply try things out.
  3. The introductory meeting 
    • While you are completing your tasks, we will pick you up for a 20 minute introductory meeting. You will have the chance to get to know a professor and students and ask your questions. We will also ask you a few questions in return. 
      At the beginning of the interview, you will show your self-made video. We will then talk about it: How did your idea come about? What did you enjoy about it and what did you find challenging? The rest of the interview will then come naturally.




FAQ Talent Day

How exactly does admission to M:C&P work?

From winter semester 2024/25, admission will be based on participation in an artistic talent test - the M:C&P Talent Day - and no longer on your school grade. Register on the application portal of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences to take part in the Talent Day.


What can I expect of the M:C&P Talent Day?

The Talent Day is an ideal opportunity to showcase your creative skills. You will complete various tasks in which you will demonstrate your talent and passion for the degree program.


What if I do not have any previous experience? Can I still take part in the Talent Day? 

Yes! After all, you want to come to our degree program to learn. The tasks on site can all be solved without previous experience. It is more about seeing if you have a creative personality. 


When will I find out when the Talent Day is taking place?

You will receive an email as soon as your invitation letter with your personal appointment is available in the application portal. It will be shortly after the application deadline (27th May or 27th November).


Do I need to bring anything to the Talent Day?

Yes, you have to make a short introduction video (max. 90sec) in advance, bring it to the Talent Day on a storage medium and present it during the day. So make sure that you can show us the video. This can be on your mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop. You can find out how the video should be designed under tab "What tasks await you?" You do not have to bring anything else with you. 


What happens if I do not pass the Talent Day?

You can reapply every semester. Sometimes it is only a small spark that is missing for admission.


Can I also apply for the degree program if I do not have a university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur)?

Artistically talented applicants without a university entrance qualification can enrol to Media: Conception & Production if their artistic talent assessment (Talent Day) is rated as "excellent". This is the case if all parts of the examination are passed with at least 90% of the points.


I would like to apply directly to the 2nd semester with a completed apprenticeship. Do I still have to take part in the Talent Day?

Yes, you take part in the Talent Day as everyone else. If you subsequently receive a letter of admission, you will enrol for the higher semester. 


I cannot be there on the Talent Day, are there alternative dates? 

Unfortunately not. In order to have a chance of getting a study place, you must attend the Talent Day at the university on the date specified. If you do not attend or are late, you will be excluded from the procedure. You can then reapply in the next semester.


What does the M:C&P degree program look like?

The degree program consists of a combination of theoretical courses and practical projects. You can find more detailed information on the M:C&P website.  


What career prospects do I have after graduating from the study programm?

M:C&P graduates have a wide range of career opportunities, for example in film production, in media agencies or as independent content creators. Our alumni work successfully in various industries. Take a look at the alumni film on YouTube


How can I get in touch if my question has not been answered here?

You can contact our study office by email or phone:
Email: sekretariat-mcp(at)hs-rm.de

Ms. Meike Jäger
Phone: +49 611 9495-2258

Ms. Celia Kubiczeck
Phone: +49 611 9495-2125





Directions and parking spaces


Have you been invited to the Talent Day? Then come to our study program on the day and time specified in your invitation letter.

Make sure that you arrive on time. If you do not turn up or are late, you will be excluded from the Talent Day.


You can find us here:

Campus "Unter den Eichen" 
Unter den Eichen 5 
Building C South, 2nd floor
65195 Wiesbaden 


If you are travelling by public transport, you can either go to the bus stop "Nordfriedhof" (bus number 6) or to the bus stop "Unter den Eichen" (bus number 3). The university is only a 5-minute walk away. 

If you are travelling by car, you will need to find a parking space. Unfortunately, you cannot park directly on the university campus. However, you can park in the surrounding residential areas, e.g. in "Carl-von-Ibell-Weg" or "Thorwaldsenanlagen". 

If you enter the campus through the main entrance, you will pass a barrier. Just follow the path and keep right. You will pass a car park on the left-hand side. The path goes slightly uphill, then you head straight towards building C South. In the building itself, you have to go to the 2nd floor - either on foot or by lift. Then you will be standing directly in front of our degree program. 


Take a look at the map for more information:



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