Accessible university

RheinMain University of Applied Sciences aims to enable people with and without disabilities or a chronic illness to have full and equal access to the university and to facilitate their active, independent participation in everyday university life. To this end, we strive to create equal opportunities for studying and working at the university and to improve accessibility.

Structural accessibility

Access to the university buildings

RheinMain University's buildings are located across four campuses in Wiesbaden and one in Rüsselsheim.

Wiesbaden Campuses

The campus facilities at Kurt-Schumacher-Ring are accessible by wheelchair via the car park (with parking spaces for people with disabilities) from Klarenthaler Straße. Other step-free access points are available from Hollerbornstraße and via a ramp from Kurt-Schumacher-Ring. A tactile guiding strip connects buildings A and G.

Access to the university buildings on the Kurt-Schumacher-Ring campus is mostly enabled for wheelchair users via sensor or key-controlled doors that open by means of electric motors, as well as via ramps (exception: Building B is not accessible without assistance). Elevators ensure mobility between the different floors of the buildings.

The Bleichstraße / Bertramstraße campus is fully accessible for wheelchair users via the Bertramstraße entrance. Both buildings are accessible at ground level from the inner courtyard (two designated parking spaces for people with disabilities) through key-controlled doors that open by means of electric motors. The old building is accessible at ground level and the new building via a ramp. There are elevators in both buildings that enable access to all floors. Access to the 1st floor of the library in Bertramstraße is possible as follows: Take the elevator to the 1st floor, then go through the glass door on the right and ring the bell there.

The university buildings on the Unter den Eichen campus have improved accessibility for wheelchair users. The entrances to the buildings are sensor-controlled and there are elevators enabling access to all floors.

The campus of the Library of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and the Land Hesse located on Rheinstraße is fully accessible from the public sidewalk. The building has a ground level entrance. Both a study room and the reading room are accessible by elevator. As the library is a listed building, fully accessible design is restricted due to the provisions of the preservation order.

Rüsselsheim Campus

The campus buildings Am Brückweg are fully accessible via a ramp and a sensor-controlled doors (buildings A, A1, A2, B, E, F, G). Elevators are available in buildings A and G.


The gradual implementation of further fully accessible structural features for people with visual and hearing impairments is currently being planned.


Site plans

The site plans of the university campuses in Wiesbaden and Rüsselsheim include information on accessibility and parking spaces and will be supplemented by further information in the future.

Website with the campus site plans

Wheelchair-accessible toilet facilities (PDF 150 KB) are available on all campuses.


Relaxation rooms

The relaxation rooms at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences are especially designed to provide a place to retreat and relax for students and employees with disabilities or chronic illnesses, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers.

You will currently find a relaxation room with step-free access with a couch and a table which fits a wheelchair on the Kurt-Schumacher-Ring (KSR) campus in building A, room A 313 a. To apply for a transponder, contact Carsten Lillig, Campusservice division.

On the Unter den Eichen campus, you will find a room with step-free access on the ground floor of the Glashaus, room E27, which has a couch, a table, and chairs. The room is freely accessible and open to all.

Advisory and support services

Studying with an disability or chronic illness

According to the German Studentenwerk (Association for Student Affairs), 11% of all students in Germany have one or more health impairments that impact their studies. These include mobility and sensory impairments, chronic physical and mental impairments as well as specific learning disorders. Most of these impairments (96%) are not visible at first glance. If obstacles, problems or disadvantages arise during the admissions procedure or the course of your studies, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences offers advisory and support services for prospective students and students currently studying at our university.


Representatives of the University’s Employees with Severe Disabilities

For more information, please contact RheinMain University’s Representatives of the University’s Employees with Severe Disabilities. We look forward to hearing from you.