MATIVATION – 2023 design calendar

Presentation of the 2023 university calendar in the Marktkirche. © Hochschulkommunikation | Hochschule RheinMain

The calendar team together with Prof. Rüdiger Pichler. © Hochschulkommunikation | Hochschule RheinMain

University president Prof. Dr. Eva Waller welcomes all those attending. © Hochschulkommunikation | Hochschule RheinMain

© Hochschulkommunikation | Hochschule RheinMain

It was a premiere, for the first time in the 20-year history of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences calendar, the presentation took place in the Marktkirche, Wiesbaden's main church. Dr. Margot Klee, chairperson of the church board, welcomed the visitors from local politics, culture and the university.

In her speech, university president Prof. Dr. Eva Waller highlighted that the location for the presentation was well chosen and very fitting: in the center of Wiesbaden, in the center of city society. “Advent means ‘arrival’ and at the same time ‘appearance’– so here it is: the 24th edition of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences calendar. We are so pleased with it“, Prof. Dr. Waller says.

Inspired by the Japanese 'MA'

The MATIVATION calendar, presented by the head of the project Prof. Rüdiger Pichler, contains welve multi-facetted page designs and hidden visual spaces for stillness waiting to be discovered. “It is the varied perspectives that make this calendar special, for example, when you look at the backside of the pages“, Prof. Pichler explains. The calendar was designed by a team of Communications Design students; Jessie Mühlich had the idea for the concept. One unique feature of the calendar are the large punched elements on the pages. The team was inspired by the Japanese concept of ‘MA’, which describes the empty space between things as something valuable that can uniquely unfold in space, architecture, art, design, time, conversation and dramaturgy. During the design process, more than a 100 people on campus at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences were asked how they relax, where they find empty spaces and have their best ideas. The answers to these questions and the design elements of 'MA' set the tone for the calendar design.

For another two weeks, the calendar project and some of the designs will be shown at Marktkirche. You can order the MATIVATION calendar for EUR 30 (plus delivery) on the German calendar website.