Whether you need to apply for the Studienkolleg depends on your university entrance qualification. You can find out for yourself how your home certificates are to be classified on the following websites:


Before you apply, check if you have a valid university entrance qualification and sufficient knowledge of German. Please note! The Studienkolleg of the TU Darmstadt, to which the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is assigned, does not offer a W-course for economics subjects. A list of Studienkollegs offering this focus can be found online:

How to process with your application for Studienkolleg

Step 1: Application via uni-assist

If you decide to enroll in an NC degree program, you must register in advance via After successful registration you will receive an applicant ID (BID) and an applicant authentication number (BAN). This BID and BAN can be found under "My Data." Make a note of your BID and BAN, as they are necessary for the online application at uni-assist. Submit your application for the desired degree program via the uni-assist MyA online portal. You must answer the mandatory questions. Answer the question "Are you applying for admission to the next available Studienkolleg" with "Yes".

Step 2: Upload documents

Upload all required documents on the uni-assist application portal MyAssist and submit the application online. uni-assist will evaluate your documents and forward the valid applications to Hochschule RheinMain. You can find a check list of the required documents in the download section.

Step 3: Invitation the the entrance examination

After receiving your application, Hochschule RheinMain will send you an invitation to the entrance examination at the Studienkolleg of the Technische Universität Darmstadt. The exam usually takes place on a Saturday at the end of January (for a summer semester) or at the end of June (for a winter semester).

Step 4: Conditional admission

After passing the entrance exam, you will receive conditional admission to the desired course of study and enroll in the Studienkolleg at Hochschule RheinMain. The courses of the Studienkolleg take place in Darmstadt. As soon as you have passed the assessment test after attending the Studienkolleg for one year, you will be offered a place on the desired degree program.

You can find all further information in detail in the download section.