Auditor program

The auditor program offers a realistic insight in everyday university life. The guest students will visit regular lectures.

By participating in the auditor program, they will not only get a first impression of their study program, they also have the possibility to get to know other students. Furthermore, the auditor program will introduce the paticipants to the routine of German universities which will help them to start well prepared with their actual studies.

The participants will decide in consultation with their contact person of the faculty which courses to attend. Each semester they wil be allowed to visit lectures of up to 12 semester hours per week.

To participate in the second step of Start@HSRM (i.e. the auditor program), it is required that the guest students are able to understand the lectures. Therefore, language skills of at least level B2 are necessary. A successful participation in the auditor program is a requirement for the participation in the DSH-preparatory course for refugees (step 3 of Start@HSRM).

Information evenings

During our information evenings we will give you information about study preparations for refugees - Start@HSRM and the auditor program

Information evenings for Welcome@HSRM beginning in the summer term 2020 will probably take place in January 2020.

Application procedure

If you are interested in the auditor program, it is necessary to make an appointment for an interview with the coordinator Mrs. Chander during the application period. It is required to hand in an application form, a direct or indirect university entrance qualification (Abitur) and a language certificate (at least level B2). The application form will be sent to you after you have visited one of the information evenings.

Contact person: Mrs. Rauschmayr