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What is it?

Digital Business Management is one of the most cutting-edge business management degree programs available today. Students acquire basic knowledge of all major corporate sectors, which are examined on the basis of the operational value creation chain: purchasing, production, marketing and sales. Particular emphasis is placed on the strategic understanding and operative application of information and communication systems and on methods of data analysis. The degree program is rounded off by the analysis and design of digital business models and their management (performance management).

The most distinctive feature of the degree program is the analysis of digital disruption and the associated transformation processes across all industries and corporate sectors, including active participation in the implementation and evaluation of the requirements of digitization.

Current developments in the context of digital business models (e.g. shared economy, platform business or Software as a Service), Big Data, Industry 4.0 (Internet of Things), robotic process automation, blockchain as well as social media require companies to transform or evolve existing processes and strategies in order to survive in the face of market competition. To meet these challenges, companies need excellently trained specialists and managers.

Content: Special features

The degree course is based on general business administration training, supplemented with methods of data analysis and further developed by practical system training (e.g. web shop system).This fundamental knowledge is supplemented and complemented by course content specially tailored to the subject of digitization such as smart data, change management, e-procurement, digital marketing and e-commerce. Through a three-semester, comprehensive ERP case study, students also develop an integrated understanding of processes.

As the curriculum includes interdisciplinary systems, you will also gain profound knowledge of presentation techniques (PowerPoint), spreadsheets (Excel), word processing (Word), data modelling (Access), process visualization (Visio) and project management (Project). You also have the option of obtaining manufacturer certification as a Microsoft Office Master at the campus's own Microsoft Office Test Center or acquiring additional qualifications at the Language Center.

Formal aspects

  • Full-time on-campus degree program,
  • Commencement of studies in winter and summer semester,
  • Period of study: 6 semesters,
  • A minimum of four months' internship in the 6th semester.

What can I do with it?

As a graduate of the Digital Business Management degree program, you will be a qualified business economist with the ability to help shape the implementation of digital transformation processes from a business, organizational and information technology perspective and to generate competitive advantages for companies by applying the knowledge of analytical methods and tools acquired during your studies.

Fields of activity can be found in almost every company department, i.e. along the entire value creation chain in purchasing, production, marketing & sales departments or in specialist teams within companies. Digital Business Management is a degree program that prepares and qualifies students for a wide range of possible careers at the interface between technology and business administration. These include:

  • Project Manager
    The tasks of project management include the initiation, management, supervision and implementation of projects in the field of digitization. Project managers with their wide range of activities play a key role in ensuring the success of projects.
  • Business Analytics & Data Science Expert
    Business Intelligence, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics deals with the transformation and analysis of data. Modern methods and software are used for the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of information.
  • Digital Marketing Manager
    Marketing in a digital context is based, among other things, on working with data in order to better understand consumers by using digital communication channels and to build and maintain positive customer relationships.
  • Business Process Analyst
    As the link between technology and the specialist department, business analysts examine, structure and define business processes and are responsible for their digital mapping and automation. In this context, they calibrate the stakeholders' requirements and create models, concepts and plans.
  • Business Analyst & Performance Manager
    As coordinators and partners within the company, they analyze and structure existing business models and continuously adapt them to new internal factors and changing market conditions. They are responsible for supporting strategic management, measuring the achievement of objectives and deriving operational and strategic recommendations for corporate management.


For degree-seeking students: detailed information on admission requirements, application deadlines, etc. can be found on the German page.


Key facts

Study location

Wiesbaden, Bleichstraße/Bertramstraße Campus

Standard period of study

6 semesters

Main language of instruction

German - We offer courses in English for exchange students.

Accreditation agency

Internal accreditation

Commencement of studies

Winter and summer semester


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