Prof. Dr. Spindler receives Hessian Award for Excellence in Teaching 2022

Hessian Minister of Science Angela Dorn presenting the Award for Excellence in Teaching to Professor Spindler. ©

Hessian Minister of Science Angela Dorn. ©

(L-R) Hessian Minister of Science Angela Dorn with this year's award winners. ©

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Spindler, professor of the Applied Mathematics program at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences receives the Hessian Award for Excellence in Teaching 2022. On November 24, the Hessian Minister of Science Angela Dorn presented the awards for excellent teaching and learning concepts at the Jügelhaus, home of the Senckenberg Nature Research Society. It was the 13th edition of the excellence awards that are worth a total of EUR 115.000. This year’s prizes went to RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts and Justus Liebig University Giessen.

“Practice-oriented and sustainable“

“We want to create the best possible study conditions for all students in Hesse. The key is engaging and excellent teaching. The teaching concepts honored today are practice-oriented and sustainable; they combine theoretical knowledge with practical challenges and embrace issues of the future. Congratulations to all award winners!” says Hessian Minister of Science Angela Dorn. “Universities have become more and more diverse which is great. Our society depends on intelligent and creative people with different perspectives and experiences. It also leads to greater challenges in teaching. This year’s award winners have taken new didactical approaches to transfer knowledge while keeping in mind the different study conditions and learning successes of their students. That is what excellent teaching is about.”

Explorative learning

Prof. Dr. Spindler won the first prize for excellence in teaching for his project “Holistic teaching and explorative learning in mathematics”. The award comes with a prize money of EUR 60,000 Euro. Prof. Dr. Spindler’s approach focuses on explorative learning. He encourages his students to find mathematical answers to practical questions and to apply mathematical concept to programming contexts. He illustrates key mathematical elements and relations with perfectly selected practical examples and connects his mathematical teachings with elements form other fields and technical applications. Spindler offers calculative, conceptual and visual access to solutions and makes mathematics accessible and tangible. The judges were thrilled with his successful didactical approach for a subject often perceived as difficult and his many textbooks and workbooks. The judges also highlighted the fact that Prof. Dr. Spindler includes students in the scientific publication process.

“We would like to congratulate Prof. Dr. Spindler on receiving this important award! It is a great symbol for excellent teaching at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. We are very pleased that Spindler’s didactical approach keeps shaping the Applied Mathematics programs and even influences other programs at our university“, states President Prof. Dr. Eva Waller.

The second prize worth EUR 30,000 was awarded to Prof. Dr. Jens Liebehenschel, Prof. Dr. Jörg Schäfer, Prof. Dr. Martin Simon and Prof. Dr. Baris Sertkaya for their project “Smart Education in Informatics – an Activation and Differentiation Kit for the Algorithms and Data Structure Module” at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Prof. Florian Lohmann received the third prize with a prize money of EUR 15,000 for the project “banda vocale frankfurt – students directing professional vocal ensembles at Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts”. The EUR 10,000 prize in the category student initiative was awarded to the elective “Climate consultation hour” at the Faculty of Medicine, Justus Liebig University Giessen.

The jury for the award consists of five scientists, five students and ministry representative. This year’s prized projects were selected among 45 applications from twelve universities.

Video about Spindler's Teaching Project (in German) (YouTube)