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What is it?

Through the digitization of work and production processes, mathematics has become a key technology in large parts of industry and the business world. In the last few decades, computerization has already led to new career opportunities in addition to mathematicians' traditional occupational fields in the finance and insurance sectors and in quality control: complex mathematical models and methods are used, for example, in the control systems of production facilities, in the optimization of material properties or in the simulation of chemical processes in process engineering. This trend has continued with the possibilities of IT networking via the internet or other communication technologies: data mining in large amounts of data amalgamated from various sources and automatic learning process applications have increased the demand for mathematical know-how in areas such as marketing, logistics, medical or automotive engineering.

In the Applied Mathematics degree program, students acquire or further develop the knowledge and skills necessary for working on challenging mathematical application problems: Differential equations, stochastic theory and numerical mathematics are taught in an application-oriented manner, but without making compromises in terms of the academic standard. Further goals of the degree program are creating mathematical models on the basis of these subject areas and through consistent conceptual work, as well as the use of such models in computer simulation. Depending on their personal interests and professional goals, students can choose elective subjects to specialize in:

  • Modelling mechanical and dynamic systems or
  • Financial mathematics and data mining.

What can I do with it?

As a graduate of this degree program, you will find career opportunities in almost all sectors of industry:

  • in the automotive and aerospace industries,
  • in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and electrical industries,
  • in logistics companies,
  • in banks and insurance companies,
  • in management consulting,
  • in public service,
  • in software development.

Being hired by a company is often not so much a question of the subjects you have studied but more about the analytical and problem-solving skills acquired during your studies and the ability to think logically, carefully, and systematically. Studying mathematics therefore offers you a wide range of future-proof career prospects regardless of the economic situation.

For degree-seeking students: detailed information on admission requirements, application deadlines, etc. can be found on the German page.

Key facts

Study location

Rüsselsheim Campus

Standard period of study

6 semesters

Main language of instruction

German - We offer courses in English for exchange students.

Accreditation agency


Commencement of studies

Winter semester only


Our i-Punkt at the Kurt-Schumacher-Ring Campus is there to answer all your questions about studying and applying.

You can contact Professor Edeltraud Gehrig directly for further information.

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