15 November 2022

Get-together with international staff, colleagues and visiting scholars

To promote networking and exchange with our international staff, colleagues and visiting scholars, the faculties organizes regular get-togethers. In a nice atmosphere with coffee, cake and snacks the colleagues get to know each other, exchange experiences and discuss different topics.

6 October 2022

Rüsselsheim welcomes future engineers from abroad

More than 380 international students are enrolled for the upcoming winter semester at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences (HSRM) in Rüsselsheim. In cooperation with RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Mayor Udo Bausch welcomed the international students in town hall and talked about the opportunities for future professionals at the Rüsselsheim Campus: "Around 20 automotive manufacturers and suppliers are represented in the Rüsselsheim Automotive Cluster, and there are also other attractive employers in the focus industries healthcare and medical engineering, logistics and aviation, energy or digital economy. That means you have good prospects of staying in our city long term after your studies. With more than 125 nations represented in Rüsselsheim, the city is already very international," said Bausch.

President Eva Waller emphasized that not only the students but also the university benefit from internationality: "It's great to have you in Rüsselsheim and on our campus. Thank you for choosing to live here in the heart of the Rhine-Main region," said Professor Waller, President of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, addressing the international students. "Once you have managed your arrival –and for many of you, this is also linked to financial anchors, to jobs– you yourself and your many experiences will enrich this university. I would like to assure you that we appreciate your willingness to do so and hope that you will not only be able to learn for yourself at this university, but that we will also be able to learn from you. For instance, how the world is perceived somewhere else. At RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, we pride ourselves on being a place where everyone is welcome. Sharing ideas, fostering understanding across geographic and cultural boundaries are critical," the university president said.

The city of Rüsselsheim am Main not only presented itself as a hub for education and businesses. "Get to know the beautiful and sociable sides of our city and take advantage of the many opportunities for leisure activities," Bausch called on the students to discover city life as well. Experiences of what life in Rüsselsheim is like for foreign students were presented by the "Verein kamerunischer Studierender Rüsselsheim". In addition to important contact points such as the Foreigners' Advisory Council, the Intercultural Office and the Foreigners' Registration Office, information was also provided about the city marketing portal with a calendar of events, the cultural institutions and the sports offered by the Sports Association.

Hochschulkommunikation, 10.10.2022

6 October 2022

Old meets Young – get-together in Rüsselsheim

First-timers meet experienced students and reception at the Rüsselsheim town hall.
26 students from 12 different countries attended the first "Old meets Young" get-together on 6 October at the Rüsselsheim Campus, most of them first-year students. Over snacks and drinks, those from the same country or enrolled in the same program quickly found each other.



8 June 2022

Cameroonian day in Rüsselsheim – a play

8 June 2022

Presenting Yemen – booth and traditional dance