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What is it?

The Bachelor of Science in Media Management is essentially an economics degree program that focuses on the economic aspects and interrelationships of the media industry. The interdisciplinary degree program also teaches the fundamentals of design and technology relevant for working in the media industry.

The lectures, exercises and labs in the first two semesters focus on application-oriented know-how for the media industry (i.e. companies and service providers that design, develop and/or produce media). Starting in semester 3, students can specialize in “Motion Image & Sound” or “Interactive Media” within their design and technology studies. The project semesters 4 and 6 play a central role in applying acquired knowledge and skills to real life scenarios.

Partnerships with universities in the US (e.g. University of Wisconsin-Platteville and University of Kansas), South Africa (The IIE Vega School, Cape Town), other European countries and Asia, e.g. China and Thailand (ICO Nida International College Bangkok) enable students to study abroad. Semesters 4 and 6 are designated mobility windows and can be used for a semester abroad.


What can I do with it?

Media managers are sought-after employees wherever interdisciplinary media knowledge is required, for example, as junior manager or  assistant to general management. Potential fields of work range from media production, marketing and PR to market research. Not only media companies are potential employers, but all companies and public administration institutions when it comes to managing media-related issues.


For degree-seeking students: detailed information on admission requirements, application deadlines, etc. can be found on the German page.

Key facts

Study location

Wiesbaden, Unter den Eichen Campus

Standard period of study

7 semesters

Main language of instruction

German - We offer courses in English for exchange students.

Accreditation agency

Internal accreditation

Commencement of studies

Winter and summer semester


Our i-Punkt at the Kurt-Schumacher-Ring Campus is there to answer all your questions about studying and applying.

You can contact the degree program's office directly for further information.

The bachelor's degree program in media management was developed within the context of university internationalization and succeeds in the successful media management diploma degree program (“Medienwirtschaft”). The program was accredited first in 2005 and re-accredited in 2017. It has been accepting students at the Media Campus Unter den Eichen since winter semester 2005/6. Cutting-edge work coupled with an international and practice-orientation raises the profile of today’s media management program, set in an intriguing environment with its closely related programs of media computer science, computer science, and interior architecture.

The distinguishing feature of the media management program is the way it blends three areas of study – media business, media engineering, and media design. By closely interweaving content from all these areas, the program provides students with a seven-semester practice-oriented education as media managers. Students graduate with a bachelor of science degree.

The current program head is Professor Dr. Christoph Kochhan.

Instructors, staff, and students all place a high emphasis on quality and practice-orientation. That’s why the courses and the general conditions of studying in the media management program are evaluated at regular intervals. In addition, there are also regular graduate surveys. The results of these evaluations form the basis of adapting and further developing the program and what it offers. The successful re-accreditation of the media management program in 2017 is part of this process.

Studying the media management program offers students the opportunity of acquiring comprehensive knowledge in the areas of the media business, media engineering, and media design. The most in-depth part of the curriculum is dedicated to the media business area. Courses in the media engineering and media design areas complement the business administration contents. Providing students with solid knowledge in all these areas is the program's overall goal. In doing so, the program is inspired by the slogan: Media into business – business into media.

During their studies, the media managers of the future are required to demonstrate significant active commitment, organization, and lateral thinking. Media management students need to be able to think in business, technical and design terms, always taking technical feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and audience impact into account.

Due to the numerus clausus restricted admission threshold, the program's students comprise very young high school graduates with excellent grades, as well as older students with professional experience who’ve entered the program after a waiting period.

The program aims at enabling students to moderate and manage media production processes and take on executive positions in the media industry. Accordingly, students are trained as generalists with a comprehensive knowledge of media markets, media products, and media production processes.

The introduction of the bachelor's degree provides graduates with the ideal prerequisites for a jump-start into their future professional careers in the form of an internationally recognized higher education degree. Graduates have good to excellent job prospects.

Moreover, since the 2009 winter semester, the same study location also offers a master's program in media & design management as a second degree which builds on the bachelor's program.

The Media Management program maintains different partnerships with various international universities.

For instance, students have the possibility to stay abroad for a semester with the Erasmus program:

  • France (Toulouse, ESAV)
  • Spain (Valencia)
  • Netherlands (Breda)
  • Austria (Hagenberg)
  • Turkey (Istanbul & Eskisehir)

In addition, it’s possible to study at one of our partner universities, for example:

  • China (Fuzhou, Shanghai)
  • South Africa (Cape Town)
  • Thailand (Bangkok)
  • USA (Los Angeles / Kansas / Wisconsin)

The website International of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences offers a lot of information and tips for studying abroad.



CampusCamp, a summer school on “International Communication and Brand Management”, was first conducted in 2014. It was initiated and organized by Prof. Stephan Schwarz of the Media Management degree program at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. It is based on the cooperation between the Universities Fuzhou in China and RheinMain in Wiesbaden, Germany.

The standard period of study of the bachelor's program in media management is seven semesters. The courses are modular and on completing each module students earn credit points in the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). The European Credit Transfer System facilitates the recognition of completed courses and credit points from other institutions of higher education.

The program's first two semesters impart wide-ranging fundamental knowledge, creating a solid academic basis. In the ensuing modules, the acquired fundamentals are then consolidated and expanded in practice-oriented project work and more in-depth lectures and seminars. Project studies that focus on the practice-oriented application of the knowledge and skills gained, make up a major proportion of the second part of the program. Independent work in small groups constitutes the distinct characteristic of the project studies phase. On top of this, all students complete one-semester internship.

The program ends with the completion of a bachelor's thesis. Students choose the topics of their thesis in consultation with the advising professors. Choosing a topic allows students to create individual profiles in the media business, media engineering or media design, or in a combination of these areas.

Find further information here:

Application information


The media management degree program helped me to build a basic understanding of computer engineering and design – a very valuable skill in any digital company as working in cross-functional teams is key. The opportunity to spend a semester abroad also helped me to become more culturally aware and fluent in English – other key factors for success in a global company.- Stefan Heinrich

Product Marketing Manager (Music) bei YouTube


"The Media Management degree program offers many opportunities for practically-oriented projects. The blend of design, business and technically-related knowledge coupled with invaluable experience in the field means the course provides graduates with a unique area of expertise. This interdisciplinary degree program helps foster individual strengths; I can link my enthusiasm for digital experiences with a creative, international profession."- Farah Heyn

UX-Design and Konzeption at NUISOL · Agentur für digitale Aha-Erlebnisse, Frankfurt und Porto



"Media Management offers the perfect mix of the media business, media engineering and media design. Broad knowledge can be gained and later used for making well-considered decisions."- Stefan Schreiber  

IT-Consultant for Mobility & Digitalization at CSC Deutschland

The Medialab is a Media Management (B.Sc.) and Media & Design Management (M.A.) facility. New technologies are developed and tested in the Medialab, and students are provided with support for implementing their projects.

In keeping with the slogan “research - discover - interact” the Medialab is a place of experimentation and exploration of interactive media and interaction between students, staff and professors.

Facilities at the Medialab include workstations for analyzing the usability of websites and mobile devices, hardware and software for the production of interactive and audiovisual media, various input and output devices for testing interactive applications and extensive technical facilities for the presentation of media productions. For more information about the Medialab please see the website Have fun browsing.



The Medialab can be found on the media campus of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Unter den Eichen 5, Building C, room C 139 in Wiesbaden. For more information please contact the Medialab at: medialab-mm-dcsm(at) We’re happy to help with any questions about the Medialab.



Different devices may be borrowed or used on site by students of the project-based courses Media Management, Media & Design Management. These include the latest smartphones and tablets, input devices for the interaction of technical devices using gestures and the neural control of computers, motion sensors, digital cameras, video and photo production equipment with a range of lenses, a mobile AV studio and a sound system. Regular purchases and software updates enable the study of current trends and developments in the field of interactive media and the production of innovative applications.



Besides our equipment services, different work stations have been created for the use of analysis, development and production of digital media. Additionally, project study hard- and software for conducting usability evaluations of apps and websites, or for the recording analysis and editing gradients of view (eye tracking) are available to students.

To complete our services we offer high-performance computers for the production of audiovisual media which allow the prototypical simulation and implementation of media productions.

To provide students with insights into production processes in the media industry, as well as practical experience in media production, the media management program has a wide range of technical equipment at its disposal.



On 95 square meters, the HD-enabled studio of the media management program allows the recording of TV shows and producing film scenes under realistic working conditions. Besides the studio, student production teams can also use a video control room. Being trained in a studio provides media management students with another practice-oriented qualification.

The technical equipment enables the following production options:

  • Live production from the video studio with studio cameras and different playback devices
  • Offline post-production

Stand-alone operation with its own audio mixing unit, or in connection with sound control


Sound Studio

Most of the sound control room's technology is digital. The equipment facilitates:

  • live mixing, recordings from the video or sound studio
  • audio support for the video control room
  • post-production
  • sound effects for multi-media production
  • MIDI-based production of music with live elements


Audio-Visual, Film & Video Production

The audio-visual, film and video production labs are all equipped with several editing workplaces for non-linear video-editing and post-processing of audio-visual productions.


Information, Communication & Telecommunication Technology

The hard and software equipment of the media management program provides students with opportunities for technical training in information and communication and up-to-date web technologies. The staff of the information and communication technology lab also maintain the program's IT infrastructure that comprises various servers, network components and a large number of computer workstations and external devices.

Media Design

The information, communication and telecommunications labs are also used for practical education in designing digital media. The conceptual knowledge of the media managers of the future is broadened by learning practical skills in creating print and online media products with applications such as Photoshop, InDesign and Flash.

Examination regulations are available from RheinMain University of Applied Sciences’ Examination Office, see link below:

Prüfungs-und Studienordnung des Fachbereiches Design Informatik Medien

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