Study process in accordance with the 2019 regulations


The regular period of the Media: Conception & Production study program is 7 semesters. It consists of a total of 18 modules that build on each other. Detailed regulations are set out in the examination regulations.

The first two semesters can be recognised for applicants who have completed an apprenticeship.

In the 1st semester, practical basics are taught in three modules.

  • Module Design Tools: Basics of the various Adobe Creative Cloud programs
  • Module Production Tools: Teaching the basics of photography, handling video cameras and the use of lighting and other film equipment
  • Module Management Tools: Basics of project workflow and project presentation
  • In the module Media Basics the creative training starts. Here, all practical knowledge is put into practice in small creative tasks
  • Technology basics in terms of media are taught in the Media Technology Basics lecture

In the 2nd semester, you will complete a 24-week internship in media production. Do not worry, you have a good chance of finding an internship, as the skills you acquired in the first semester are in high demand. There is even the possibility that certain internships that you have already completed after your Abitur (high school graduation/A-Levels) will be recognised by the examination board. If you have any questions about this or need further information, just get in touch with us! We will be happy to help you.

The 3rd semester serves to impart broad theoretical, specialist knowledge in creative, technological, journalistic, legal, organisational and linguistic subjects. 

  • Module Media Production: work processes in the creative industry and organisational production procedures and processes in media production, costing, project management
  • Module Audio Video Technologies: Technical distribution of media products
  • Module Competences for Media Markets: Media Economics and Media Law
  • Module Cross Sectional Competences 1: Media English and Media Theory

In the 4th semester theoretical knowledge will be combined with the practical application in media productions. We focus on the conception and creation of new media formats and productions. At the end of each semester, we proudly present your work at the "Media: Showroom Night". You can see lots of great examples of our student's work on our YouTube channel.

  • Module Audio and Video Production 1: In this module, all the necessary knowledge about camera equipment and the use of the 4K studio is taught in various workshops. Editing and animation skills are taught in post-production
  • Module Conceptual Film Design: Creativity and conception for the development of film ideas and media productions is being taught. Application of theoretical knowledge of film and media design
  • Module Journalism for Audio and Video: This includes journalistic work, copywriting for media productions, script development, dramaturgy, storytelling and acting
  • Module Cross Sectional Competences 2: Preparation for academic work

The 5th semester focuses on practical experience as well. In these modules, you will work both alone and in teams on cool projects such as the production of web series. Here you can fully develop your creativity and create exciting fictional works. 

  • Module Audio and Video Production 2: In this module, student groups create fictional productions such as web series
  • Module Seminar Paper: In this module, 2 academic papers are written in the areas of technology/design or organisation
  • Module Cross Sectional Competences 3: Preparation for the semester abroad in the field of intercultural communication

In the 6th semester, you will study at one of our partner universities (or at a foreign university of your choice) or do a 16-week internship abroad. At the same time, you will work on your own academic thesis in the field of design or technology. If you would like more information about this, see "Integrated semester abroad". There are exciting opportunities to discover the world and expand your knowledge!

In the 7th semester, you have the chance to get really creative! You will produce a practical final project (e.g. a film) and write an academic paper (i.e. a Bachelor's thesis). You have the option to work together with partners from the industry. You can also produce experimental projects in which you research and analyse innovative media productions. Here you can fully develop your creativity and break new ground. It will be exciting, challenging and absolutely rewarding!

You can find a detailed overview of the individual modules in the module handbook. Subject to change.