Diversity and new friendships - international students report on their experiences

Of the 13,600 students at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, 934 are so-called Bildungsausländer, i.e. they completed their entire school education abroad and only came to Germany for their degree program. The total number of students with foreign citizenship at RheinMain University is almost 2000. At the Faculty of Engineering, we have 371 internationalforeign students from 53 different countries (5 of them from EU countries).
Walking across campus, you will meet people from more than a quarter of all the world's countries. Each and every one of them could tell you an incredible story of how he/she set out to first meet the difficult conditions in their home country to even get a visa from the German embassy, then arriving in Germany, again having to negotiate with the authorities for a residence permit, finding an apartment, learning German, establishing contacts, coping with everyday university life....
The Faculty of Engineering has already gone a long way towards putting its vision of a cosmopolitan and outward-looking campus into practice – international students report that they receive excellent academic support from professors and staff. Its ongoing ambition now is not only to show international students that they are welcome, but also to give them the opportunity to present themselves and what they have to say to the faculty.
International students at our faculty report on their experiences while studying at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. Take a look at what they have to say:

Abdul Aziz Al-Saadi from Oman, Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering

I chose the degree program Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering because there were not that many universities where you can study aeronautical engineering. I heard about RheinMain University of Applied Sciences from a friend, she talked so much about it, that's why I enrolled here.


Mohamed Amine Boujday from Tunisia, Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering

What I like most about RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is that the staff, the university administration, the lecturers and tutors always support students who are eager to learn and always try to offer students an excellent campus life, for example, by organizing events in addition to the degree program, including sports, cultural and also artistic events.


Siham Azzamouri from Morocco, Medical Engineering

Medical Engineering in Germany is well positioned internationally – Germany ranks second behind the USA in terms of patents in the field of medical engineering. As a medical engineer, I can work on the development of medical engineering systems, equipment and devices and in customer service in hospitals or medical practices. The most important thing is that my work contributes to the continuous improvement of medicine.


Gerald Adrian Murib from West Papua New Guinea, Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering

I come from West Papua New Guinea, which is officially part of Indonesia, but we feel more like an independent country. I was chosen by the elders of my community to go to Germany and acquire the knowledge of the Germans. I chose the degree program “Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering” because I asked myself how I could best help my home country.


Mohamad Daoud Agha from Syria, Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering

What I like about the Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering degree program is that it combines aerospace with electrical engineering, not mechanical engineering like at other universities. I really like math and tinkering with things, and I'm interested in aerospace. I always wanted to be a technician.

Cynthia Neal Dongo from Cameroon, Medical Engineering

I liked studying at the university because I was able to learn a little of everything from many different degree programs in the first semesters. My brother studied at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and recommended it to me. I would also recommend the university, in fact I already have.


Fatima Abousamra from USA & Syria, Interdisciplinary Engineering

What I particularly like about the Interdisciplinary Engineering degree program is that it covers so many different areas. This is helpful if you are not yet sure where your strengths and weaknesses lie. It offers a wide range of courses from the different areas of engineering, and you can try things out and learn a lot.


Nelson Okeyo Oroo from Kenya, Medical Engineering

What I like most about studying at RheinMain University is that the relationships between professors and students are very good. Having studied at other universities, I can say that the professors at RheinMain University are always available and willing to help. What I also like is the cultural diversity here. I have met people from countries I had only heard about before.


Sofia Ananieva from Ukraine, International Technical Development

My tip for new international students to help them familiarize themselves with the new environment, the university and the degree program is to get to know as many people as possible. This will not only help during your studies, but also in your future life. Ask as many questions as you like, no matter how silly it may feel. Don't be afraid to ask for help.