Going abroad

Sholarship recipients and (L-R) Prof. Dr. Rainer Wedde, Jürgen Friedrich, Paul Meuer, Carolin Schneider, Elisabeth Ganss, Prof. Dr. Heiko Schön. © Hochschulkommunikation | Hochschule RheinMain

Carolin Schneider, International Management student talking about her study abroad eyperience in Lyon. © Hochschulkommunikation | Hochschule RheinMain

The foundation Richard-Müller-Stiftung awarded 15 scholarships for study semesters abroad to the top applicants of the program. The students of the Faculty of Wiesbaden Business School of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences will receive sholarships with a funding of up to EUR 3,000.

The students are mainly enrolled in the International Management bachelor's program which includes a curricular study semester abroad. Sholarship recipient Joanna Schorr is planning to study in Australia next year: "What a great place! It's a pretty rare opportunity to spent so much time so far away.“ Max Spiegel wants to go to South Korea, to Seoul; the Business Administration Student wants to "experience a new perspective and get to know a different culture." Other destination countries  are Japan, Canada, Columbia, Malaysia, Mexiko and various European countries.

"This time, we awarded four sholarships to students from partner universities of the faculty – three students from Chile, one from Mexico –  to foster international partnerships“, says Prof. Dr. Heiko Schön who was very excited about the presentation by Carolin Schneider. The International Management student spent a term in Lyon last year. She talked about her wonderful experience in France and wished all future exchange students the best of luck.

About the foundation Richard-Müller-Stiftung

Richard-Müller-Stiftung wants to offer students of the Faculty of Wiesbaden Business School further economic education opportunities. The foundation focuses on funding study semesters abroad. Richard Müller, an entrepeneur from Wiesbaden, initiated the foundation through his will in the early 1980s.

The board members of Richard-Müller-Stiftung are:

  • Paul Meuer (Chairperson; former Chairperson of Rheingauer Volksbank)
  • Jürgen Friedrich (Tax Consultant, Senior Manager at Questro International StBGmbH)
  • Elisabeth Ganss (HR Consultant, former Managing Director of Dow Corning GmbH)
  • Prof. Dr. Heiko Schön and Prof. Dr. Rainer Wedde (Representatives of RheinMain University of Applied Sciences)