Turntable Platter Speed Precision Upgrade



An extremely precise turntable platter speed with the possibility of external synchronization is required in areas of application where fundamental pitch and time deviations have to be minimized, for example for the accurate digitalization of records within the scope of analog preservation or for measurement purposes.

This concept is realized exemplarily within the open-hardware project "kmi950clock". The project "kmi950clock" provides a speed precision upgrade for the "EMT 950 Direct Drive Studio Turntable", offering a phase-locked speed regulation which is based on a special speed PLL with a precise internal or external reference clock, for example from a Quartz oscillator, a Rubidium clock, a GPS disciplined oscillator, or a studio reference master clock.

Open-hardware publication: external link: kmi950clock "Speed Precision Upgrade for the EMT 950" (For educational, non-commercial purposes only. Please note the disclaimers within the distribution.)


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