How do we conduct research?

The university pursues a broad spectrum of research types; interdisciplinary, clustered, forward-looking fields of research are what our research profile is all about.
We emphasize practically-oriented/applied research, transferring knowledge and promoting research career development in our activities.


How can we achieve our goals?


  • Freedom in research is a top priority.
  • All the relevant stakeholders are invited to act as partners in nurturing innovative research and development within the context of the university's diverse range of research fields.
  • The university fosters an extensive range of cooperations with leading regional, national and international institutions, as well as academic networks.
  • Pooling and focusing the research activities into clusters enhances the university's profile, as does independent research.
  • Internal academic institutions help pool the research activities from a structural perspective and encourage partnerships.
  • We build interdisciplinary networks by means of cooperation between researchers, particularly from different departments, faculties and universities, e.g. through joint activities in institutions and research centers.
  • We believe that expanding the non-professorial academic staff is crucial to strengthening research activities.
  • Increasing the opportunities to pursue a doctorate program is high on our agenda, and we see researcher training as a key building block of our teaching and research.
  • We apply academically recognized evaluation procedures to our research activities and utilize quality benchmarks that we actively participate in shaping.