PSU Bavaria

January saw the launch of a special project that is unique in Germany: PSU-Akut e.V. was commissioned to implement the "PSU Bayern" project. The aim of the project is to create the financial, structural and professional framework conditions for the permanent establishment of a so-called specialist and coordination centre in order to anchor psychosocial support (PSU) throughout the Bavarian healthcare system. RheinMain University of Applied Sciences is conducting an external process and results evaluation to accompany the project.

The non-profit association for psychosocial competence and support in healthcare - PSU-Akut e.V. is the leading association for the prevention concept of psychosocial support (PSU), which offers prevention, training and acute assistance in the context of special stressful situations in healthcare (e.g. unexpected death, incident with patient injury or aggressive behaviour by patients or relatives). The focus of PSU work is on so-called peer supporters.

The overarching goal of the PSU Bavaria specialist and coordination centre is equal health opportunities for healthcare staff. Maintaining the health and ability to work of employees in the healthcare sector is seen as a joint task with a population-wide impact. The PSU Bavaria specialist and coordination office focuses on the development and implementation of action plans and programmes at state level.

The project will run for a total of 12 months (1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023) and consists of the following sub-projects: (1) Education and information, (2) Training and exchange, (3) Acute care and (4) Network and funding. In addition to action plans and programmes at state level, face-to-face formats in the area of "education and information" are also being carried out for various target groups of medical staff.

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Cooperating Partners

The project "Development of structures for a specialist and coordination centre - psychosocial support in the Bavarian healthcare system" is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care (StMGP) and financially supported by the Bavarian Medical Association (BLÄK). PSU-Akut e.V. cooperates with the Association of Carers in Bavaria (VdPB) and the Bavarian Hospital Association (BKG) as part of the project implementation.