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What is it?

Medical Engineering is a specialization of the Interdisciplinary Engineering degree program. 

From hip joint endoprostheses to computer tomography: In this specialization within the Interdisciplinary Engineering degree program, students learn how modern medical engineering works and acquire the ability to advance the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities.

To this end, the degree program initially focuses on providing students with comprehensive and up-to-date training in the field of engineering. This is then supplemented by medical subjects such as anatomy, physiology and diagnostics. On the technical side, they will be familiarized with all the most important diagnostic and therapeutic instruments and equipment. This is followed by an examination of special medical-technical procedures and methods carried out by the students themselves in laboratory experiments. After graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering, students will embark upon their professional careers or go on to study for a master’s degree.

What can I do with it?

Medical engineering is booming. Development, service or sales departments of medical engineering companies are hiring more and more engineers, but qualified employees are also in demand when it comes to the application of medical devices in hospitals or in authorities responsible for licensing medical products.


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